Braidwood Manor is a location in The Haunting of Braidwood Manor book. It is the main setting for the book and once home to the Waverleys; William, Rose, Eleanor, Clarissa, Thomas, and Simon.


The manor was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century for the Waverley family who had migrated from England. The family life in the manor had been described as idyllic up until the father, William, left the family to fight in the war. Upon returning a few years later, William discovered his three youngest children poisoned and his eldest with her throat slit. Despite never having found his wife's body, the children were buried in the family cemetery and an empty grave left for Rose. Five years later, William's body was brought from Northbridge to be buried alongside his family after drinking himself to death.

In its present day state, the manor is a shadow of its former glory, having been long abandoned. Since the death of the Waverleys, passersby have reported strange occurrences at the manor, with rumours circulating that the ghosts of the children still roam the grounds.

The ghosts of the children and the mother do indeed still inhabit the manor however in an alternate reality where the manor is intact and in its original condition. It is only after the intervention of Your Character that the Waverley children and their mother are able to pass on.