Bookish Sister is one of the main characters in "Rules of Engagement" series. Her suggested name is Nicole, but the player can chose a name for her. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 2.


Bookish Sister has brown hair which is tied up in a bun, brown eyes and pale skin. Usually, she wears black glasses and a white sweater over a plaid shirt.


Bookish Sister is nerdy and introverted. She is sort of a child at heart because she suggested to have ice cream sundaes which is what they did in 6th grade. She's very insecure about her choices and is afraid of hurting anyone.



Main Character and Brother are her older siblings. Party-Girl Sister is her twin (but they're very different).


Cousin has always been jealous of Bookish Sister and her siblings because she thinks that Nana loved them more than her. Now, after Nana's death, she tries to get the whole inheritance for herself by sabotaging her cousins' tasks.

Blaire Hall

Blaire is Bookish Sister's idol and she wants to get an internship under her.


Bookish Sister meets Audrey in a salsa class aboard the cruise. They become dance partners and also very good friends. If the player chooses so, Bookish Sister falls in love with Audrey.


Bookish Sister meets Paolo when she wents to London to get an internship under Blaire Hall. Paolo also applies for this. First he's mean to her, but later he apologies and they went to a pub where the player can choose if they flirt or not. But after the pub visit, Paolo stole the badge from Bookish Sister to sabotage her.

Other Looks

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