Bloodbound, Book 1 is the first book of the Bloodbound series.


You're applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines... but there's more to him than it seems. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller.


Chapter 1: The Interview

You're applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines... but there's more to him than it seems.

Nicole Anderson, the VP of Raines Corporation calls the Main Character for the job interview of an Executive Assistant. She takes you to the room where she asks a few questions at the interview until CEO Adrian Raines enters the room and takes over the interview and immediately hires you despite Nicole's protests. 

Adrian tells the MC that he is expecting two CEO friends, Kamiliah Sayeed of Ahmenet Corporation and Lester Castellanos of Castellanos Corporation and would like the MC to pick up the gifts from the Archive Clerk to be presented. The MC successfully picks up the gifts including a mandrake extract to be given to Adrian himself. 

Adrian introduces to his CEO friends where Lester acts sexist toward MC (You have a choice to say "how dare you" or ask Adrian for help). MC presents a scarab to Kamilah that is of Ptylomyic dynasty and that symbolizes rebirth and a 14th-century dagger to Lester immediately impressing your boss. After the meeting, you can choose with diamonds whether you would like to go out to his private dining with him to get to know each other more or go back home. If you choose to go back home, you meet your friend Lily. You just realized that you forgot to give Adrian the mandrake extract and rush quickly to give it to him until you find out he is sinking his fangs drinking Nicole's blood from her neck. 

Chapter 2: The Vampire

You've just walked in on CEO Adrian Raines... with his fangs sunk deep into a woman's neck!

Chapter 3: The Library

A hideous creature has attacked you on the streets of Central Park! What is it... and what will you do?

Chapter 4: The Rebel

Adrian has a new task for you... entering the lair of the Council's most dangerous member!

Chapter 5: The Coffin

A life hangs in the balance! Can Adrian save it... and at what cost?

Chapter 6: The Senator

Lily's awake... but what has she become?

Chapter 7: The Judgment

To save Lily's life, Adrian has to seek a vote... from Priya Lacroix!

Chapter 8: The Serum

Adrian has revealed his secret project... and the results could change the vampire world forever!

Chapter 9: The Ball

It's time for the Awakening Ball! It ought to be a good time... but a sinister force gathers in the shadows.

Chapter 10: The Massacre

The Ball is under attack! Who will survive... who will fall?

Chapter 11: The Den

You and Lily hide out in the Shadow Den... but the underground village has many secrets.

Chapter 12: The Tribunal

Adrian is on trial... and you might be his only hope!

Chapter 13: The Dungeon

To save Adrian's life, you'll have to turn to an unlikely ally...

Chapter 14:

The team flees to a safe refuge... where only secrets lie hidden.

Gameplay Feature

Portrait Fragments

Similar to the Dossiers, Idols, and Embers of Hope in the Endless Summer series, you have the chance to collect portrait fragments throughout the book that will unlock flashbacks of the past and reveal the secrets of the vampire world. Collecting them all will unlock a bonus scene at the end of the book.



  • In Pixelberry's "What's Next" blog, a confirmation that Bloodbound will be released in mid-March was stated. [1]
    • However, on February 23, 2018 it was mentioned that the book has now been delayed for an April 2018 debut. [2]
    • On March 16, 2018, the release date was confirmed to be on Friday March 30, 2018[3]
  • Furthermore, an adorable nerdy best friend and an ancient vampire queen have been confirmed as upcoming love interests, and choosing your own gender will not be possible in this book, as Pixelberry confirmed in this same blog-post that the gender of the main character will be female-only.
  • On March 13, 2018, Pixelberry began releasing some sneak peeks for the book and promised to continue to do till its April release. [4]
  • On March 14, 2018, Kamilah the vampire queen was revealed in Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.[5]
    • Adrian the CEO was revealed in Instagram and it also makes him the third love interest that can be customized.[6]
    • Other potential love interests were revealed on March 15, 2018.[7]
      • Jax the rebel was revealed in Twitter and Instagram.[8]
      • Lily the gamer was revealed in Facebook and Tumblr.[9]
  • On March 21, 2018 Pixelberry released a sneak peek about the vampire clans.
    • The vampire clans are Vega, Lacroix, Sayeed, Baron, Raines, and Castellanos.
  • Similar to It Lives In The Woods, Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1, and Perfect Match, Book 1, the first two chapters were immediately released on its launch date instead of one.
  • On March 29, 2018 the trailer for the book was released.
    • It also shows that it takes place in New York City.[10]
  • This book has a disclaimer for violence and mature situations. Player discretion is advised.
  • In Chapter 2, you can see a jumbo screen in the city with the picture of the app icon of Choices and Pixelberry's logo.
  • Pixelberry released their blog on Bloodbound. Giving an insight with the brainstorm team and behind-the-scenes look of the newest book.[11]
  • Endless Summer, Book 3: Chapter 7 makes a reference to Bloodbound when The Clockmaker tells Diego about how the early Vaanti went feral from consuming too much of the sap.
  • As of Book 1, Chapter 4, Bloodbound is the third series to use strong language; the other two being The Royal Romance and the It Lives series.
  • As of Chapter 5, all love interests are Vampires.
  • There is a pattern to the titles in this book; they all start with the word "The" and end with a noun.
  • Chapter 11 has the first Threesome scene in Choices.


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