• Gryffinpuffz

    Okay, so as most probably know, some of Pixelberry's books have some kind of relationship system. Your choices can affect your romantic stance with certain characters, like in The Freshman, Desire & Decorum but as of today also in Across the Void. What I'm wondering is why Pixelberry don't choose to have this feature in all of the books. Really, I think it would make everything a little more interesting. That way, you could still build up the relationship between your character and their LI. It would make things so much more fun for those of us who have a limited amount of diamonds to spend on diamond choices. 

    What do you thing determines whether the books/series get this kind of feature or not? It would be fun to read your opinions about …

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  • JujuMan096


    August 18, 2018 by JujuMan096

    Anyone a fan of aviation? Ok. Would it be nice for PB to make a book or a series that contains aviation? Ok, so here's how the story would go. The MC can either be a boy or girl meaning it's customisable. So yeah after that they pursue their dreams as a pilot. After passing the exam, they train themselves to become the most successful pilot. Depending on your choices made, it will create a +Suceess point if you did something right and Failed point if you did it wrong.

    Ignore if you think not.

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  • GabrielxTWB


    August 7, 2018 by GabrielxTWB

    So, in Desire and Decorum. I saw he mentioning of 'Karlington'. I think in some point in The Royal Romance, it was mentioned. So does it mean it's connected to it?

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    Hey guys! 

    • Desire and Decorum: I briefly talked about it in my latest review, but it was mainly me talking about how bored I was. I have no intention to read any further.
    • The Senior: Y'all know my thoughts on this series as a whole; I hate it. I have no intention to read the Senior. As someone who starts his Freshman year of College on August 14th, I can't relate to these characters. I've made it clear that I think practically every character in this series is either a bland stereotype or a terrible person.
    • High School Story: I thought Book 3 was pretty bad and I don't have high hopes for the reboot.
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  • Aprilzella

    Here are my top ten ships not concerning MC. And just to be clear, I’m considering “MC” as the character you customize, so in cases like LoveHacks where you can play as many characters, I will include the ones not related to the ones we customize (Dani). However, in RoE, because of the fact that the 4 siblings are played almost equally, I will not include ships for them either. In the case of TC & TF, I consider Kenna and Dom to be MCs so ships with them will not be included. (Same with Most Wanted’s Dave and Sam). Now, without further ado, here they are (in no particular order because I couldn’t choose!)


    • Zahra + Craig: Okay, these two are the classic “I don’t really love you” *proceeds to kiss in a corner* ship. I mean, they ha…
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  • GabrielxTWB

    Theory in VOS

    August 3, 2018 by GabrielxTWB

    Sorry if these are already in the Theory Page of VOS, I just didn't want to look for it.

    1- The demon Kate mentioned is probably the tattoo that we saw on the Russian guy's arm.

    2- The kidnapper was tracking shipments from Eastern Europe and I think these shipments had drugs in them. The Sterlings probably made their fortune selling drugs.

    3- Special K is ketamine. Same drug that was used on Kate. This makes me think the kidnapper is a Sterling. Bryce, maybe?

    4- Kate said she received a text from an unknown number telling her about Tanner's affair and Bryce destroyed his phone the moment he realized the police were inbound. Coincidence? I think not!

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  • Aprilzella

    My Favorite Stories

    July 23, 2018 by Aprilzella

    Hey guys! So I’m Aprilzella, and I’m new to this fandom! I’ve been playing choices for a while, but just recently joined this wikia page! Without further ado, here are my 4 favorite stories and why I like them so much!

    1. Bloodbound: I get this can be controversial because people are divided (some love it, others hate it) but this was the only story that got me hooked and looking forward each Friday to read another chapter. I am a little biased because I LOVE stories about vampires, but even if they weren’t vampires, I think this story would still be pretty good. I also love the lore behind it! Can’t wait for book 2!

    2. It Lives: Again, this story’s lore was amazing! The amount of detail put into Redfield’s backstory shows how much PB cares …

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  • Gina1232

    Blog Post One

    July 22, 2018 by Gina1232

    Hey guys. I am new to this wiki but I have always loved choices so I have decided to make a blog about my favourtie choices stories. I will be dicussing, reviewing and reading stories in this blog. 

    Next blog update : Tomorrow

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  • Kungming2

    Hey users of the Choices Wikia!

    I just wanted to extend an invitation to everyone to also join us at Reddit - our community is r/choices. We've got a very active and fun group of users and dedicated weekly discussion threads for each new chapter and book.

    Hope to see you all there at r/choices!

    --Kungming2 (talk) 14:40, July 18, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Lindsey Guyton

    My Favorites

    July 11, 2018 by Lindsey Guyton

    The Choices Series Ranked (favorite to least):

    1. Endless Summer

    2. Veil of Secrets

    3. It Lives

    4. Perfect Match

    5. America's Most Eligible

    6. High School Story

    7. Most Wanted

    8. Bloodbound

    9. The Crown & The Flame

    10. Rules of Engagement

    11. The Royal Romance

    12. Red Carpet Diaries

    13. Hero

    14. The Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior

    15. #LoveHacks

    Favorite Love Interests:

    1. Jake McKenzie

    2. Naomi Silverhawk

    3. Connor Green

    4. Damien Nazario

    5. Adam (Handsome Stranger)

    6. Michael Harrison

    7. Dave Reyes & Sam Massey

    8. Kamilah Sayeed

    9. Kenna Rys & Dom Hunter

    10. Katherine (Main): William Sloan / Jessica (Party-Girl): Carter / Nicolette (Bookish): Audrey / Alex (Brother): Elena Sanchez

    11. Drake Walker

    12. Teja Desai

    13. Grayson Prescott

    14. Honestly? None. (But if I HAD…

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  • Lindsey Guyton

    Here are some of my theories for Veil of Secrets:

    1. All Four Sterlings are Victims of Homicide: Since Tanner is the first confirmed victim of homicide, and considering that the Sterling family seems to be disliked by many people in Birchport, it is possible that Pierce, Margaret, and Bryce Sterling will eventually become the other three victims.

    2. Jeff Duffy Is a Person of Interest: Jeff Duffy appears to be completely incompetent and dim-witted, not to mention a very insignificant character in the series thus far. However, it seems unlikely that Jeff Duffy was just thrown into the story to serve as Walsh's puppet. He may only be acting completely incapable and incompetent to hide his crimes.

    3. The initials 'AA' stand for the Alanis Who Died in…

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  • The Jacked Maverick


    July 10, 2018 by The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, everyone. As you may know, I have been playing Pixelberry since High School Story Prime (I sadly never got to play their earlier stuff. D:). Because of this, Choices has been my life. So please, help me and others countinue two good books, Most Wanted and Hero.

    I would really appreciate it if you get the word out about this link and share it. United we stand, divided we fall.

    Help us make Pixelberry great again!

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  • EndeavourGuy


    Admins, feel free to remove this post if you feel it is too sensitive a topic.


    As we know, Pixelberry does a fabulous job at representing part of the LGBT+ community in Choices. I repeat, PART of the LGBT+ community. While we see homosexual and bisexual characters present in (almost) every book, in the entire game there is just one transgender character, one non-binary character and one (possibly) pansexual character. Obviously PB can't just through in a slew of LGBT+ characters left and right without reason, and I know that. Furthering that issue, many LGBT+ characters aren't given anything to do in the books they feature. A notable exception to this in my mind is Andy from It Lives In The Woods. Andy has grown to become one of my favour…

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  • PandaxLACROIX

    Hey, I chose this particular choice and Olivia mentioned something here...

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Is Home for the Holidays the worst book ever made? No.

    Is Home for the Holidays the best book ever made? ...yes! =D

    I give Home for the Holidays 12 Christmas stars out of 7 minora candles! So go ahead and save up all your hard earned diamonds! Because this is the only book you need in your life. Oh man, where to begin? Let's talk about the art. So many holiday symbolism! Every frame has decoration! Even after the holidays ended, we still have it! Appropriate when we are supposed to be celebrating Valentines Day! Gets us into that whole togetherness. But you knew that already! Let us talk about the story.

    Scarlett Joy can't wait to go home to celebrate. But her boss, the anti-holiday committee president, goes there to give her work. In a ble…

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  • PandaxLACROIX


    July 7, 2018 by PandaxLACROIX

    Hi, can anyone add the pictues of MC's duchy from TRR?

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  • Flamez587

    So I was re-playing Endless Summer and after finishing a chapter I wasn't given the option of earning a diamond by watching an ad. I don't know if there was some kind of glitch or if we no longer have the option. I tried posting this on general information but for some reason it won't let me. I'm really ticked off right now and I honestly feel like no playing Choices anymore cause it's like I have to fork over 5 dollars just to get enough for diamond choices.

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  • JujuMan096

    I want a very historic one. I also would want that you could play as different characters from century to century. That would be kinda cool? What's your thoughts? Maybe even based off of a major event in history like wars, colonization so on....

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, everyone. This past month, I've been really getting into this whole "Wikia" buisiness. I've had the pleasure of meeting various people on these pages. I have recently found out about the "Fearless Diva" wiki. Where writers can home in their writing skills, and read original content by up and coming writers. I’ve been working on a story of my own called "Freight." (I’ve tried not to spoil anything)

    Genre: Thriller, Drama.

    Synopsis: The story is set in modern day Idaho, and modern day Russia. (St. Petersburg, Russia) It is about a boy who fell for a blind Russian girl with a unique family history. He is being tortured by Russians in a dark cell and remembers the good times he spent with the girl and fights hard to not give in and tell hi…

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    I think it's safe to say PB has hit a rut. They reached a real golden point around last summer/fall, with Endless Summer going strong, It Lives coming out, Hero, etc. However, as of late I feel PB has really stopped putting as much effort into their work. 

    All of the latest releases (excluding VOS) have basically been romance books that seem to be shameless money grabs for people who will buy diamonds for the romance scenes. There is a plethora of genres, books, plotlines, etc they could be writing but instead all of their new books continue to be basic romance books (they already have enough). And their romance books are nothing new, innovative, or game changing. D&D sounds like a carbon copy of TRR, AMW is just a reality show put into a C…

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  • StoryGirl83

    Due to recent events diamond options are more attainable than they previously were. Where before I had to be extremely careful with my diamonds as I saved them up over weeks to get one diamond option now I can be a little more liberal with them. There are so many things I want to get with my diamonds and as such I have decided to make a chart of what my next diamond goal is for each series. While I am actively playing probably two thirds of the books which includes all three High School Story and The Royal Romance books as well as two each of the The Crown & The Flame, Endless Summer, Rules of Engagement, and The Freshman (plus The Junior, Book 1), I am only going to put a diamond goal per series.

    Nothing currently of interest, but that could change.
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  • The Jacked Maverick


    June 28, 2018 by The Jacked Maverick

    Does anyone think we should add the different emotions of characters in their portraits to their respective gallery section under "Other Looks"?

    Here are some examples:

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  • Gryffinpuffz

    Hello everyone. As of Bloodbound, chapter 14, Lily Spencer left to join Jax in the Shadow Den. I wrote to Fearless Diva about putting this in her information template, meaning that she's now loyal to Jax and the Shadow Den. Fearless Diva wanted me to create this blog post for us all to discuss it, so here we are. :) Do you think we should put Jax/the Shadow Den into Lily's allegiance box, and if so, which one would be better? I'm leaning towards the Shadow Den, as that means the whole group, including Jax, but what do you think?

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    So who did you guys eliminate and why? Who do you want to eliminate next week?

    I decided to eliminate Bianca. I liked her character at first because she just seemed like someone who unfortunately had to deal with horny creeps like Zeke and Ryder. But then she revealed that she's one of those Becca/Britney/Victoria characters and I knew she had to go. As I've previously stated multiple times, I hate this type of character. 

    Next week, I really want either Zeke or Han to be eliminated. As I said earlier, Zeke is a creep and a showboat. Han just came off as really entitled and self-absorbed. I was talking with someone else on Facebook about Han, and they described his character perfectly. He has one of those immature high school jock personali…

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  • Justine77 7

    Site url

    June 22, 2018 by Justine77 7

    So I was earlier looking for the Choices wiki so I went to but it didn't exist so I thought there wasn't a wiki until a friend sent me this. Wouldn't it be easier if that was the url? I also play Episode and the wiki url is also instead of

    It is shorter and looks cleaner to me. If the url will change you can still go to this wiki by the current url name as it will just redirect to

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  • Compgamer

    Hello! Me and Gryffinpuffz got the idea to make a blog post about live chats in the evenings when there are new Chapters of the books (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays). If you are available for live chat, just write a comment here.

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  • Compgamer

    Male main character

    June 22, 2018 by Compgamer

    I was thinking about the game main characters and realized that the gender of YC is either choosable (then it doesn't make big changes between the two genders) or is not choosable and is always female (then it's noticeable by the other characters). I have wondered why PB doesn't make a book with only one playable character and to be male. It will be interesting to see romance from other perspective or book where you are criminal. What do you think? Would it be a good idea?

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  • GabrielxTWB

    Kenna Rys

    June 21, 2018 by GabrielxTWB

    Hi! Just wanna ask how do you pronounce Kenna Rys' name? Is it Ke-na-ris or Ke-na-rays?

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  • Gryffinpuffz

    I thought that we could use this blog post to discuss the suspects of Veil of Secrets. 

    Who do you think is behind Kate's disappearance? Or do you think she ran away of her own accord?
    I'm a little lost, I guess you could call it? My first guess is that the Sterlings are somehow involved, but I feel like that would be too easy, because they are painted as antagonists from the start. 

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  • Fearless Diva

    Vampire Description Clan Status Age
    A short summary of the vampire goes here. For example, it is unknown whether Gaius is part of a clan. Unknown Unknown: (Wether the vamp is alive or dead; if we don't know; unknown is acceptable) Unknown:(Age or Approximate age if that's all we have).

    As you can see, this is the wikitable for known table I roughly have. It's a rough draft, but I took some inspiration from the vampire diaries wikia (( and how they have their vampires sorted out.

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  • Swish bish

    Books Ratings

    June 16, 2018 by Swish bish

    The Freshman: Great (8/10) (But there’s too much drama tho.)

    The Sophomore: Fine (7/10) (It started to get boring in Book 2.)

    The Junior: Trash (2/10) (Such and unnecessary book.)

    The Royal Romance: Awesome! (9/10)

    It Lives: Best book so far! (10/10)

    Rules of Engagement: (7/10) (It was good at first but it went for too long.)

    Lovehacks: Not so bad... (5/10) (Its somehow very underrated.)

    BloodBound: Good so far (8/10)

    Red Carpet Diaries: Sounds good? (7/10) (I still didn’t read it yet.)

    Home for The Holidays: Meh (4/10)

    High School Story: Awesome! (9/10)

    Perfect Match: Good (8/10)

    The Crown & The Flame: Awesome! (9/10) (I enjoyed playing it, but it’s now kind of underrated.)

    Endless Summer: Awesome! (9/10)

    Braidwood Manor: Not so bad... (6/10) (I kinda …

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  • Layola


    What are small details in Choices stories that bother you?

    Things that bother me: 

    • In Chapter 10 of TJ MC says that their phone camera is on. They never turn it off, even while they escape from the burning house. Doesn't this mean that they recorded all the stuff Beau said AND the fact that they didn't burn the house themselves?
    • Drake from TRR has lived in the royal palace with the prince since he was a child. Why does he lack basic information about court etiquette? Even MC, an American who'd never been to Cordonia until the events of TRR book 1, knows more than him. 
    • How are there Artist type Matches if Matches can't interpret art? 
    • In TJ Zig's mom is emailed by Hartfeld about Zig's grades. According to privacy laws (specifically FE…

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  • Man Mountain

    Hey guys, so for the last year or so, I've been working on a story called The Art of Greed & Misfortune. This is a bit about the story and some of the characters (I've done my best not to spoil anything):

    The story is called The Art of Greed & Misfortune. This is the synposis (it's a work in a progress so bear with me please):

    The story is set in modern day New York City, New York. The members of the FBI team work in a Transnational Organised Crime Unit or a TOCU. The tone is quite dark and serious as you see not jist the investigation unravel but how the characters think, what makes them tick and why. The story is supposed to show you two things: The sacrifice that law enforcement makes and that greed is an easy thing to fall into.

    As I'm sur…

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  • Layola

    Most Choices stories have some kind of +relationship point (ie +character,'s name +romance, Relationship Improved, Nerve Score up, etc) you can get from either choosing the right option(s).  If you don't get any +Romance's in RoE, #LH or TRR, does really have an impact on dialogue beyond the chapter?

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  • Luwdol

    It's really no secret that I'm not particularly a fan of BloodBound; while it seems I have quite a lot to say about most of PB's series, this is the one I thought could have been something really cool and different in the vampire genre. There was a lot of wasted potential in this series, mostly due to their lack of "show me don't tell me." So, here are a few ideas that were bouncing in my head for what BloodBound could have been. I'm going to structure this post with a "what was my gripe" and "how it could have been fixed/done differently."

    GRIPE: the human thrust into the vampire world trope

    It's tired. It's been done. It's the same story over and over again. You have your Twilights and your Vampire Diaries and hell, even Buffy the Vampire…

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  • Reyes Kenna Chris

    Mommy Dearest Live chat

    While I was browsing I opened this site. Does anyone of you has a book like this? Only few players have.

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  • Reyes Kenna Chris

    What book do you want to continue? Most Wanted or Hero?

    For me, I want Most Wanted to continue, because I just love the story, plus the ending of book 1 is a cliffhanger. What do you think? I would love to hear from you.

    Reyes Kenna Chris (talk) 03:30, May 23, 2018 (UTC)

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  • GabrielxTWB


    May 18, 2018 by GabrielxTWB

    Hello, my fello' Choices fans! I'm currently on my 3th Playthrough of The Royal Romance Book 1. I was just gonna ask what outfit should i buy that is the most worth it in TRR Book 2? In my last playthrough, i bought the "Midnight Star" and the "Floating on Air" outfits. I'm looking for suggestions what's next. I was considering the "Fashion Queen"

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  • Steelwhale

    I haven't been able to find all of the people whose designs have been changed but I'd like to know if you like the new designs for some characters or if you don't like them. And please put who that character is. I'd really like to know!!!

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  • Layola

    I love playing Choices, but I often can't purchase diamond options. Does anyone know of any really good YouTube channels that play through Choices stories with all premium choices purchased?

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  • GabrielxTWB

    What's your opinion of the series' so far? Have you made favorite and least favorite ones? Personally i really like The Royal Romance because of it's story, it also has challenges and + to earn. The conspiracies and cliffhangers. I love the ending of the Book 1 and Book 2, although i hate the fact that you can't choose genders. Although it makes sense because you'll be marrying a prince. I don't really have the "I HATE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!" hate. But my least favorite book yet is The Junior, don't even ask me why.

    What is your FAVORITE series and what is your LEAST FAVORITE series? Please comment below i'd love to hear your opinions!

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  • ArtisticLoner

    I would like more realism in the books, I think that the books come off as too heternomative. I dosn't come off as society doing it, but your own will. This problem comes in different extents to different books. Examples of book insisting you date a guy (male mc books included):

    1) The Freshman, Book 1: Shoving Chris to be your love interest in the first book. People assuming you would want to be with Chris. Making the only female love interest the best friend who tries to set you up with Chris in the beginning. Never telling people you may be gay.

    2) The Crown and the Flame series: Hinting Kenna and Dom love eachother.

    3) Rules of Engagement series: Giving you no female love interest for Katie and forcing Jess to be in a love triangle with t…

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  • Malice66

    I was just wondering, which series did you enjoy the most?? It Lives in the Woods or The Haunting of Braidwood Manor? I really enjoyed both series, but I think I have to choose It Lives in the Woods. I just really like the horror and the thriller in it, but I think The Haunting of Braidwood Manor was equally as good! I just want to see other people's opinions!!

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  • Man Mountain

    Alright, so know that I've started putting up the biographies. I wanted to ask if they were too detailed, should I leave some stuff out or keep it the way it is. Comment below, thanks.

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  • Layola

    In the newest update, Pixelberry announced that a new mystery series, Veil of Secrets, will debut. "Your best friend vainshed without a trace on the day of her wedding! Search the beautiful seaside town of Birchport to solve the mystery, but be careful... everybody has a secret." I'm really excited becasue PB usually writes mystery series well. What are your thought on Veil of Secrets and mystery series in general?

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  • Adore velour

    Hey guys, just a question I'm curious about.. what are your favourite choices series or books? And why? Judgement free zone here!

    Personally I like 'It Lives in The Woods' most and 'Perfect Match'

    It lives in the woods: Generally, I enjoy this because I personally like things that are horror and thriller kind. Secondly, playing this book feels so real and graphic and lastly it is not clique,

    Perfect Match: The mystery hasn't been unfolded yet, however the story is slowly getting more and more interesting, causing people and myself to create theories which I find very interesting.

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  • Silvrowl12


    Chapter 11 was such an emotional ride. I can't believe that Chapter 12 is the finale of ES. I thought the book would last about 14-16 chapters. With all the hiatus, the book will end at Chapter 12. I'm kind of disappointed and sad that the series is reaching to an end.

    I didn't purchase the Endless suit. I end up picking the wrong choices and kept dying again and again which was frustrating. I was sad that Mike sacrificed himself to let the gang reach Rourke on time. I felt bad for Jake losing his best friend twice. And Estela is the daughter of Everett Rourke. I've seen that coming since I read that there are lots of evidence leading to this. I feel sorry for Estela.

    So I didn't manage to get all of the Embers of Hope and I didn't…

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    Series Page

    April 2, 2018 by JESSIEJJD13

    What does everyone think of a little changing up of the Series Page? The list is getting long and will continue to, and I think if they are ordered more professionaly (in say.. tables like the shows on Netflix are on Wikipedia), it would look better - more professional, and personally eye-pleasing. It would also be easier to see and look at everything. 

    Just wanted everyone's opinion, thanks for any ideas y'all have! :)

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  • ArtisticLoner

    -Reusing character designs: I'm not too annoyed with this, but it's still pletty lazy. It doesn't get too bad since they're normally for background characters, however it gets too obvious sometimes. Why are there three different character designs for Jiro? It didn't bother me too much when it was in 'The Crown and the Flame' too much since you could just say it was a distant relative, but why would it be in 'Home for the Holidays'? They could've just used the same character name or say that was his twin. That goes the same for Camilla too. This is epecially noticable since there aren't many children in the games.

    -"Nice Guy With Bad Girlfriend" type: This is my least favorite type of love interest in these games. There's Sean, Caleb, Liam, …

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