• StoryGirl83

    With It Lives In the Woods have have a blog post about the diamond to nerve yield ratio of choices to help people get the best nerve yield for their diamonds. Although it is still very early in It Lives Beneath I thought I would start one for this book as well, because I will want this. Obviously since the book isn't completed as It Lives I the Woods was when I started that one, information will change as more chapters come out. This also means I am likely to be able to get this one completed in a more timely manor, since I can only add those diamod choices in the chapters that are out.

    So far only the MC has a nerve meter, but I expect that to change fast. Also different about this book is that the MC starts at zero, so we are working our way up…

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  • Andisimon

    Fearless Diva asked me to compile the information about Your Character's twin from High School Story: Class Act to make it easier to create a page for them. I add information about Default Jordan as well in case anyone of you wonders what they will be like if you play the default route. Either because you haven't completed the previous books or because you don't want to import your decisions and start anew.

    I replayed the chapter looots of times in default mode with different settings for Your Character (Bailey) to see how it affects your twin and the default Jordan. I also cross-checked how it changes if you import your choices.

    I didn't spend any diamonds so I cannot say how diamond hair has an impact on how your twin will look like. Anyon…

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  • Andisimon

    After a discussion started yesterday on the HSS Book 2 walkthrough that gave me the vibe that we were close to another edit war, I asked Fearless Diva and she gave me permission to start a blogpost so that everyone of us can discuss the future use of hover formatting vs normal text for achievements. I think that we all want to be on the same page and don't go and undo each others formatting.

    I start by listing some pros and cons of each of the three ways that I could think of. Please join in and tell us which way you prefer and why. There are surely some other pros and cons or maybe even other ways of handling it that I didn't think of

    Long achievement texts don't take up much space on the walkthroughs -> looks "tidier"

    Hovers don't show on t…

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  • Damelza14

    Mr Reds Future??

    October 9, 2018 by Damelza14

    Hi all, So, as you know, It Lives Beneath is coming out tomorrow which is super exciting. One thing that I know a lot of people are exited about is that depending on your decisions in ILITW, we could see some of old characters. This got me thinking about our MC and Noah. One of them is the new Mr Red. I’m wondering if the new Mr Red could have some type of cameo in the new book. We probably won’t see the new Mr Red, but I think that he/she could have some connection to the monster. PB also might not include the new Mr Red at all. So what do think? Do you think Mr Red will make a cameo or have some sort of connection to the new book, or will they be forgotten? Let me know what you think!

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  • PurplePassion20

    All Desire, No Decorum is a retelling of the story Desire and Decorum. It is meant to be humorous and poke fun at said story, which has not been received well overall (the goal being to make this retelling more enjoyable than its own source material).

    Chapter 1 coming soon...

    Editor's note: I plan on doing humorous retellings of other poorly received stories after this one, most notably of Home For The Holidays, which I will call The Choices Holiday Special.

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    I think it is time we stop believing we'll be seeing Hero Vol. 2 and put it in MW never coming territory. I say this because in addition to the many books announced already released/releasing this fall - It Lives Beneath, Bloodbound, HSS: CA, Elementalists, ATV, BCS, etc. PB has teased yet ANOTHER book on their Twitter. Their schedule is only so small, and no way do they have time for all these new books and not Hero. It's almost been a year since Hero ended. It does not take that long. They are never giving us volume two. I believed them (why? idk) until they teased yet another new book today. 

    I'm so upset about this. Their new books aren't even that good. I loved Hero. And we won't likely see it ever again or for a very long time. 

    They …

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    • ===Underage drinking. Which, of course, led to her being hospitalized.===
    • ===Breaking and entering, as well as trespassing. When she made her friends break into the Observatory in the extremely boring Freshman, Book 4.===
    • ===Attempts at slander. According to Viktor, there are actually laws about this, so there you have it. She tried to force you to write a biased review at the Battle of Bands by demonizing Natasha's band. Despite it's unethical for a Journalist to be biased in a situation like that.===
    • ===Vandalism as well as fleeing the scene. Probably the worst thing she's done would be from the Senior. She intentionally broke a bottle of Whiskey worth $500 dollars, and then left without paying. I honestly felt bad for the bar owner. Some o…

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  • HersheysAlmonds

    Greetings humans. I am Walter Walrus and I have a very important question to ask. So my bosses HersheysAlmonds and DisturbedDeaddMan are currently working on FanFics for Choices books. They have started with Most Wanted FanFic and I am telling you all it's definitely worth reading, and I'm not saying just cause the writers are my bosses *cough*.

    Anyway back on topic, they are thinking of doing a High School Story FanFic but they will need ideas from you readers cause there are alot of choices to choose for this one. Starting with which gender you prefer, which LI the MC picks, do we keep the name Jordan. So I will be starting a poll so we can get this story ready by the time the bosses finish up Most Wanted FanFic. 

    And without further ado! …

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  • LostKunai

    Here's an example of an idea I had to show the appearances of a character in certain chapters. It's simple and straightforward, maybe it could be improved on in the future!

    Your Character in Bloodbound is the main protagonist in the Bloodbound series.

    Although her default name is "Amy", the player can choose to name her as they wish.

    Your appearance is customizable according to the player's preferences.

    You are curious, clever, perceptive, adventurous, as well as, “Fierce and compassionate... And far braver than” you appear.

    If you go to dinner with Adrian in chapter 1, you mention that you’ve always been considered “the adventurous one” in your family.

    You are daring and willing to take risks as you left everything behind to move to the city. Depend…

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  • Gryffinpuffz

    Okay. So in the latest chapter of Red Carpet Diaries, Book 2, we got a diamond option to recruit Apricott to our side, to help us take Viktor down. Convenient, right? Well, I don't think so. I've done some thinking, and I came to the conclusion that there's a lot Pixelberry could've done to Apricotts character, but didn't. I have a feeling she will be redeemed at the end with or without the diamond option, which I think is just a waste of potential. She would just get thrown into the same stereotype box as Becca and Britney. Besides, I think this diamond option in general just makes Apricott look even more petty than she already does. What do I mean? Well, let me try to explain..
    The signal that this diamond option essentially sends out is …

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    Here are a few genres and plots I think PB could and really should do. They have proven with masterpieces such as It Lives and Endless Summer that they fully can write some AMAZING genre books, but as of late all they do is write romances (D+D, BSC etc) and books that are horribly boring that don't pan out well (ATV, RCD etc)

    Slasher murder mystery. This could be SO good. Think Scream, I Know What You Did, Scream Queens, etc. A series about a serial killer and your group has to find who it is etc. The deaths could be done really well - you could save people, not save people, it could build character when one is killed off, etc. They could even possibly make it where you have to guess who the killer is and you could be wrong, you could be t…

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  • HersheysAlmonds

    Most Wanted FanFic

    September 16, 2018 by HersheysAlmonds

    Due to popular demands, I shall now be writing an alternative storyline sequel of Most Wanted, aka a fanfiction version ( • ̀ω•́  )✧. Without further ado, I present to you Most Wanted: The Angel's Cartel (if someone has a better title suggestion feel free to comment below)


    Introduction: After blowing Tull to smithereens and finally bringing justice to everyone he has killed, Sam is ready to return home to Texas with a heavy heart. Dave bids her farewell, then suddenly receives shocking news. Hailey Rose was murdered. Sam abandons her plane and joins Dave in his car to rush to the crime scene. Their mission is far from over...

    Dave and Sam arrive at the scene where Ha…

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  • Fearless Diva

    So per the latest release information...

    Mondays: Desire & Decorum and Across the Void

    Wednesdays: Red Carpet Diaries, Book 2, America's Most Eligible Season 10 and Perfect Match 2

    Fridays: The Senior and Big Sky Country will be replacing Veil of Secrets and The Royal Romance, Book 3 respectively.

    TBD: High School Story Year 2 (IDK if it will be called Book 4), It Lives Sequel, Bloodbound, Book 2 and Hero Vol. 2

    • In my opinion I see BB2 and It Lives premiering in October for Halloween and likely taking over RCD and and maybe AME's spot. (WED.)
    • I could also see AME still being around in OCtober, so perhaps the leftover Horror one premieres late October?
    • HSS Year 2 could end up premiering on a Friday or Monday imo. I really though this would be the …

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  • TourmalineJem

    Everyone, shut up and look at this poll!(shows the poll infront of everyone)

    You: ...what's the purpose of this?

    Me: ..Oh, nothing. I just wanna hear people's opinions on pets...and also I just need to have the "Blog Post" badge...but hey, at least this blog post is kinda fun, right? :)

    You: ...

    Me: ..(sigh) okay, I'm gonna pretend you said yes. I'm might delete this post after I get my badge anyway...if I can...

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  • HersheysAlmonds

    FanFic Choices

    September 10, 2018 by HersheysAlmonds

    So I wanted to start a blog dedicated for FanFics of different Choices books but not sure which one to start. There are some books I have been itching to make changes on because I feel like there's something lacking or I am not satisfied with how the story went. Someone suggested to start a poll which one of the options below they want to read a FanFic of.

    Without further ado here is the list: ( • ̀ω•́  )✧

    If there are other suggestions feel free to state them and why so my brain will come up with a story (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧

    By popular votes, I will start a FanFic for Most Wanted .

    Chapter 1 - Heaven's Betrayal

    Sam and Dave faces a new challenge. Hayley Rose had more secrets to reveal. A new enemy lurks in the shadows. Tension rises between our crime f…

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  • ICupcakes97

    D&D Names

    September 8, 2018 by ICupcakes97

    I hate the fact that I can't memorize their first names because it's not in there when they speak. XD

    So....let's put my memory to the test. (I will only include characters I remember).

    Mr. Sinclaire -> Ernest

    Ms. Daly -> Briar

    Mr. Harper -> Luke (?)

    Ms. Parsons -> Annabelle

    Mr. Marlcaster -> Edward?

    Ms. Sutton -> tbh I don't really remember

    Earl of Edgewater -> The real question is, was his real name revealed? (If so, then please forgive my memory, I have this tendency to skip/skim those parts where they introduce characters).

    Dowager Countess -> I don't really know. 

    Duke Richards -> ...idk

    Prince Hamid -> I don't know. I've been pretty late with reading D&D and wow I never met him, but I've heard of him.

    I'm pretty certain that there are …

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  • Fearless Diva

    New Formatting Idea

    September 7, 2018 by Fearless Diva

    So obviously, the following link is to a season 2 page for a TV Show... But I was thinking that with so much information that we are getting nowadays for books... The trivia section is just getting too big. So I proposed this  idea: (

    1. 1: We leave the trivia as a section for  just in book confirmed stuff like the connection to The Crown and the Flame for Example, or the trivia point where it talks about Maxwell's tell-all book.
    1. 2: This section I am proposing can be one big section (labeled Spoiler/Notes) or if that too is big enough, then broken down into two sections. So a spoilers section and a note section. 

    But what's the difference between all 3? Well a trivia section basically is…

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  • Fearless Diva

    Adam's Journal Entry

    September 6, 2018 by Fearless Diva

    If you decide to read his journal in chapter 12, you get to see the events that have transpired thus far in the competition from his point of view. He admits that he shouldnt have flirted with you. At least not before officially being announced that he was back on the show. However, he states that there was something about you...And he simply couldn't help himself. If you snuck off to the beach in chapter 1, he writes about that part too, and goes on about how the next thing he knew he was giving you game tips left and right! He goes onto say that he doesn't know how he was supposed to resist the smile on our faces... He reveals that in less than a day of meeting you and he was already smitten. He explains in his journal entry that early i…

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  • Mt Mass

    Perfect Match Review

    September 5, 2018 by Mt Mass

    So as of making this blog post, the first chapter of Perfect Match 2 will be out in just a few hours! Being that it's one of my favorite series from PB, I thought I could do a review of its predecessor as a homage of some sort. Unlike my last review for HSS, I'm going to be doing things a little differently. I'm dividing the review up into three sections: Plot, Conflict, Characters, and Thoughts/Conclusion of what I thought about the book overall. Also, not to forget that because PM only has one book out at the moment, I can be a little more in depth with this review. I'm also going to be following this format starting now for future reviews.


    So in fifteen words or less, the plot is basically "matchmaking service turns out t…

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, Berrypickers!

    I am proud to announce that we have reached our first goal for the Most Wanted, Book 2 petition. Getting to 100 is only the start. With more signatures, the more guaranteed Pixelberry will listen to us.

    So really, thank you. We couldn't have done it without any of you. We would never have reached our milestone if the idea wasn't brought to me.

    Thank You. We are closer to getting the future we were promised, and not the one we deserve.

    If you didn't notice, I removed the Hero, Book 2 bit from the page. Pixelberry "claimed" it will be out by 2018. But now, they hadn't men…

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  • HighSchoolStoryLover!

    Does the first chapter of a book cost you a key to play? It used to be for me until September 2017. When I asked them on September 2017, they responded to me that it was not supposed to be free except for the 3 original books (TF1, MW1 and TC&TF1) the first time you played. I accepted their answer then but Fearless Diva is telling me that it is still free for everyone. I am using iPhone and I wonder if it is only an Android benefit or they outright lie to me. Please write a comment on whether it is free for you and the device you are using. Thanks. As an aside, I realise that for Android, there is version 2.3.6 released but for iPhone it is still 2.3.5. It seems like Android users get extra benefits.

    Update: After asking them again today, t…

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    I'm honestly a bit upset writing this, but does anyone else feel like PB is in a major rut right now? All they seem to churn out now is romance books, and the books that are not primarily romance have great premises and potential but then turn out to be very underwhelming. 

    • contains mild spoilers*

    Some complaints I have had

    - The major flop that The Junior was. My gosh, this was so bad imo. It didn't have anything that made people like the books in it - no just fun scenes, character development, relationship building, and you couldn't even tell the MC was in college! She didn't really do any college stuff and we didn't get any of that fun stuff. It's a book about college kids and there were no classes, parties, hanging out, etc. Major ugh.

    - H…

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  • Fearless Diva

    Hey Guys,

    So it's been a tough few days with the recent changes to some Book Covers... The hardest being Most Wanted. But I am making this blog post to actually discuss it with the community as a whole.  

    I think we should add the new Book Cover designs to the Infoboxes, but add the old ones to the gallery like I did on the MW page. As for MW. I think it should stay as Book 1  for now. But we should add a trivia point with when these changes took place for the various book covers affected.  When's the earliest date anyone noticed these changes?   I also think we need to not ask about MW per se, but ask PB about the recent changes to book covers as a whole. Also... Pay attention to when the next instagram live session is going to take place. …

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Yeah. The Junior. Wasn't great. Wasn't even fine. Which is a pity because I actually liked the Freshman back then. It was one of the few stories where it was female only that I liked. So in honor of The Senior (Book 1?) being released soon, I thought it would be a good idea to start from the beginning of this franchise and see where things went wrong.

    Let me just say, it is hard to tell exactly WHEN things started getting bad. It's like we just woke up one morning and the quality just dropped significantly.

    And, no, this is not like my Home for the Holidays review. Or my other Junior review. I will not be sarcastic here. I will be honest.


    This was part of Choices first three books in their debut back in 2016. I admit thi…

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  • Mt Mass

    HSS Reveiw

    August 28, 2018 by Mt Mass

    Since High School Story was the very first series I've started on, I thought I could do a little review? Maybe not in depth as I want it to be, but at least get the main points out!

    Book 1: So HSS Book 1 was the very first book I read when I installed the app.  I'm talking about the series when I say this, but I could say that the book was a pretty decent read; not too bad, but not too good either. It felt a little... unrealistic to say the least where everything would eventually be pitch perfect at the end. I mean, sure there should be happy endings, but at the same not everything can be so cheery. 

    Getting back to the book, it pretty much, for the most part, revolves around the conflict of Brian and Caleb. Brian was caught with Caleb's gf Z…

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  • HighSchoolStoryLover!

    Here are the number of diamonds needed for each and every book to choose every diamond option in 1 playthrough. If you can select multiple diamond choices in 1 choice at the same time, all are counted. (Only when it is indicated in the walkthrough that you can select more than 1. While it is certainly possible that the walkthrough may miss some instances that you can select more than 1, I do not have the time to replay the books and verify, so I will just use the current information from the walkthrough pages.) I have counted them based on information on the individual walkthrough pages. In cases when there are different prices (for example in some choices, different clothes are different prices, the most expensive one is used in the calcu…

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  • Gryffinpuffz

    Okay, so as most probably know, some of Pixelberry's books have some kind of relationship system. Your choices can affect your romantic stance with certain characters, like in The Freshman, Desire & Decorum but as of today also in Across the Void. What I'm wondering is why Pixelberry don't choose to have this feature in all of the books. Really, I think it would make everything a little more interesting. That way, you could still build up the relationship between your character and their LI. It would make things so much more fun for those of us who have a limited amount of diamonds to spend on diamond choices. 

    What do you thing determines whether the books/series get this kind of feature or not? It would be fun to read your opinions about …

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  • JujuMan096


    August 18, 2018 by JujuMan096

    Anyone a fan of aviation? Ok. Would it be nice for PB to make a book or a series that contains aviation? Ok, so here's how the story would go. The MC can either be a boy or girl meaning it's customisable. So yeah after that they pursue their dreams as a pilot. After passing the exam, they train themselves to become the most successful pilot. Depending on your choices made, it will create a +Suceess point if you did something right and Failed point if you did it wrong.

    Ignore if you think not.

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  • GabrielxTWB


    August 7, 2018 by GabrielxTWB

    So, in Desire and Decorum. I saw he mentioning of 'Karlington'. I think in some point in The Royal Romance, it was mentioned. So does it mean it's connected to it?

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    Hey guys! 

    • Desire and Decorum: I briefly talked about it in my latest review, but it was mainly me talking about how bored I was. I have no intention to read any further.
    • The Senior: Y'all know my thoughts on this series as a whole; I hate it. I have no intention to read the Senior. As someone who starts his Freshman year of College on August 14th, I can't relate to these characters. I've made it clear that I think practically every character in this series is either a bland stereotype or a terrible person.
    • High School Story: I thought Book 3 was pretty bad and I don't have high hopes for the reboot.
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  • Aprilzella

    Here are my top ten ships not concerning MC. And just to be clear, I’m considering “MC” as the character you customize, so in cases like LoveHacks where you can play as many characters, I will include the ones not related to the ones we customize (Dani). However, in RoE, because of the fact that the 4 siblings are played almost equally, I will not include ships for them either. In the case of TC & TF, I consider Kenna and Dom to be MCs so ships with them will not be included. (Same with Most Wanted’s Dave and Sam). Now, without further ado, here they are (in no particular order because I couldn’t choose!)


    • Zahra + Craig: Okay, these two are the classic “I don’t really love you” *proceeds to kiss in a corner* ship. I mean, they ha…
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  • GabrielxTWB

    Theory in VOS

    August 3, 2018 by GabrielxTWB

    Sorry if these are already in the Theory Page of VOS, I just didn't want to look for it.

    1- The demon Kate mentioned is probably the tattoo that we saw on the Russian guy's arm.

    2- The kidnapper was tracking shipments from Eastern Europe and I think these shipments had drugs in them. The Sterlings probably made their fortune selling drugs.

    3- Special K is ketamine. Same drug that was used on Kate. This makes me think the kidnapper is a Sterling. Bryce, maybe?

    4- Kate said she received a text from an unknown number telling her about Tanner's affair and Bryce destroyed his phone the moment he realized the police were inbound. Coincidence? I think not!

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  • Aprilzella

    My Favorite Stories

    July 23, 2018 by Aprilzella

    Hey guys! So I’m Aprilzella, and I’m new to this fandom! I’ve been playing choices for a while, but just recently joined this wikia page! Without further ado, here are my 4 favorite stories and why I like them so much!

    1. Bloodbound: I get this can be controversial because people are divided (some love it, others hate it) but this was the only story that got me hooked and looking forward each Friday to read another chapter. I am a little biased because I LOVE stories about vampires, but even if they weren’t vampires, I think this story would still be pretty good. I also love the lore behind it! Can’t wait for book 2!

    2. It Lives: Again, this story’s lore was amazing! The amount of detail put into Redfield’s backstory shows how much PB cares …

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  • Gina1232

    Blog Post One

    July 22, 2018 by Gina1232

    Hey guys. I am new to this wiki but I have always loved choices so I have decided to make a blog about my favourtie choices stories. I will be dicussing, reviewing and reading stories in this blog. 

    Next blog update : Tomorrow

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  • Kungming2

    Hey users of the Choices Wikia!

    I just wanted to extend an invitation to everyone to also join us at Reddit - our community is r/choices. We've got a very active and fun group of users and dedicated weekly discussion threads for each new chapter and book.

    Hope to see you all there at r/choices!

    --Kungming2 (talk) 14:40, July 18, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Lindsey Guyton

    My Favorites

    July 11, 2018 by Lindsey Guyton

    The Choices Series Ranked (favorite to least):

    1. Endless Summer

    2. Veil of Secrets

    3. It Lives

    4. Perfect Match

    5. America's Most Eligible

    6. High School Story

    7. Most Wanted

    8. Bloodbound

    9. The Crown & The Flame

    10. Rules of Engagement

    11. The Royal Romance

    12. Red Carpet Diaries

    13. Hero

    14. The Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior

    15. #LoveHacks

    Favorite Love Interests:

    1. Jake McKenzie

    2. Naomi Silverhawk

    3. Connor Green

    4. Damien Nazario

    5. Adam (Handsome Stranger)

    6. Michael Harrison

    7. Dave Reyes & Sam Massey

    8. Kamilah Sayeed

    9. Kenna Rys & Dom Hunter

    10. Katherine (Main): William Sloan / Jessica (Party-Girl): Carter / Nicolette (Bookish): Audrey / Alex (Brother): Elena Sanchez

    11. Drake Walker

    12. Teja Desai

    13. Grayson Prescott

    14. Honestly? None. (But if I HAD…

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  • Lindsey Guyton

    Here are some of my theories for Veil of Secrets:

    1. All Four Sterlings are Victims of Homicide: Since Tanner is the first confirmed victim of homicide, and considering that the Sterling family seems to be disliked by many people in Birchport, it is possible that Pierce, Margaret, and Bryce Sterling will eventually become the other three victims.

    2. Jeff Duffy Is a Person of Interest: Jeff Duffy appears to be completely incompetent and dim-witted, not to mention a very insignificant character in the series thus far. However, it seems unlikely that Jeff Duffy was just thrown into the story to serve as Walsh's puppet. He may only be acting completely incapable and incompetent to hide his crimes.

    3. The initials 'AA' stand for the Alanis Who Died in…

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  • The Jacked Maverick


    July 10, 2018 by The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, everyone. As you may know, I have been playing Pixelberry since High School Story Prime (I sadly never got to play their earlier stuff. D:). Because of this, Choices has been my life. So please, help me and others countinue two good books, Most Wanted and Hero.

    I would really appreciate it if you get the word out about this link and share it. United we stand, divided we fall.

    Help us make Pixelberry great again!

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  • EndeavourGuy


    Admins, feel free to remove this post if you feel it is too sensitive a topic.


    As we know, Pixelberry does a fabulous job at representing part of the LGBT+ community in Choices. I repeat, PART of the LGBT+ community. While we see homosexual and bisexual characters present in (almost) every book, in the entire game there is just one transgender character, one non-binary character and one (possibly) pansexual character. Obviously PB can't just through in a slew of LGBT+ characters left and right without reason, and I know that. Furthering that issue, many LGBT+ characters aren't given anything to do in the books they feature. A notable exception to this in my mind is Andy from It Lives In The Woods. Andy has grown to become one of my favour…

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  • PandaxLACROIX

    Hey, I chose this particular choice and Olivia mentioned something here...

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Is Home for the Holidays the worst book ever made? No.

    Is Home for the Holidays the best book ever made? ...yes! =D

    I give Home for the Holidays 12 Christmas stars out of 7 minora candles! So go ahead and save up all your hard earned diamonds! Because this is the only book you need in your life. Oh man, where to begin? Let's talk about the art. So many holiday symbolism! Every frame has decoration! Even after the holidays ended, we still have it! Appropriate when we are supposed to be celebrating Valentines Day! Gets us into that whole togetherness. But you knew that already! Let us talk about the story.

    Scarlett Joy can't wait to go home to celebrate. But her boss, the anti-holiday committee president, goes there to give her work. In a ble…

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  • PandaxLACROIX


    July 7, 2018 by PandaxLACROIX

    Hi, can anyone add the pictues of MC's duchy from TRR?

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  • Flamez587

    So I was re-playing Endless Summer and after finishing a chapter I wasn't given the option of earning a diamond by watching an ad. I don't know if there was some kind of glitch or if we no longer have the option. I tried posting this on general information but for some reason it won't let me. I'm really ticked off right now and I honestly feel like no playing Choices anymore cause it's like I have to fork over 5 dollars just to get enough for diamond choices.

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  • JujuMan096

    I want a very historic one. I also would want that you could play as different characters from century to century. That would be kinda cool? What's your thoughts? Maybe even based off of a major event in history like wars, colonization so on....

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, everyone. This past month, I've been really getting into this whole "Wikia" buisiness. I've had the pleasure of meeting various people on these pages. I have recently found out about the "Fearless Diva" wiki. Where writers can home in their writing skills, and read original content by up and coming writers. I’ve been working on a story of my own called "Freight." (I’ve tried not to spoil anything)

    Genre: Thriller, Drama.

    Synopsis: The story is set in modern day Idaho, and modern day Russia. (St. Petersburg, Russia) It is about a boy who fell for a blind Russian girl with a unique family history. He is being tortured by Russians in a dark cell and remembers the good times he spent with the girl and fights hard to not give in and tell hi…

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    I think it's safe to say PB has hit a rut. They reached a real golden point around last summer/fall, with Endless Summer going strong, It Lives coming out, Hero, etc. However, as of late I feel PB has really stopped putting as much effort into their work. 

    All of the latest releases (excluding VOS) have basically been romance books that seem to be shameless money grabs for people who will buy diamonds for the romance scenes. There is a plethora of genres, books, plotlines, etc they could be writing but instead all of their new books continue to be basic romance books (they already have enough). And their romance books are nothing new, innovative, or game changing. D&D sounds like a carbon copy of TRR, AMW is just a reality show put into a C…

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  • StoryGirl83

    Due to recent events diamond options are more attainable than they previously were. Where before I had to be extremely careful with my diamonds as I saved them up over weeks to get one diamond option now I can be a little more liberal with them. There are so many things I want to get with my diamonds and as such I have decided to make a chart of what my next diamond goal is for each series. While I am actively playing probably two thirds of the books which includes all three High School Story and The Royal Romance books as well as two each of the The Crown & The Flame, Endless Summer, Rules of Engagement, and The Freshman (plus The Junior, Book 1), I am only going to put a diamond goal per series.

    Nothing currently of interest, but that could change.
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  • The Jacked Maverick


    June 28, 2018 by The Jacked Maverick

    Does anyone think we should add the different emotions of characters in their portraits to their respective gallery section under "Other Looks"?

    Here are some examples:

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  • Gryffinpuffz

    Hello everyone. As of Bloodbound, chapter 14, Lily Spencer left to join Jax in the Shadow Den. I wrote to Fearless Diva about putting this in her information template, meaning that she's now loyal to Jax and the Shadow Den. Fearless Diva wanted me to create this blog post for us all to discuss it, so here we are. :) Do you think we should put Jax/the Shadow Den into Lily's allegiance box, and if so, which one would be better? I'm leaning towards the Shadow Den, as that means the whole group, including Jax, but what do you think?

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