Blaire Hall is a character in the "Rules of Engagement" series. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 13.


Blaire has long, black hair, dark skin and brown eyes. She wears a blue pinstriped blazer and a white shirt.


Blaire is focused and determined on her career, to the point where her drive consumes her life. She has little time for her daughter, Grace, or her husband, and has a very strained relationship with Grace.



She'll understand work comes first when she's older and has her own responsibilities. - Blaire about Grace in Book 2, Chapter 7
Grace, a character in Endless Summer, is her daughter. Blaire and Grace have a very distant relationship because of Blaire's commitment to her work. In Book 2, Blaire is seen leaving Grace a message where she asks Grace to call her before she gets on a flight. This is likely the ill-fated flight that takes Grace to La Huerta.


  • She is the mother of Grace Tamara Hall, a character in "Endless Summer" series.
  • Mansingh Transglobal, the company she works for, is a company in Cause of Death, another game that has some of the same writers. In Cause of Death, its owner, Raj Mansingh, is one of the richest men in the world and the father of Natara, an MC.
  • Blaire makes a cameo appearance in #LoveHacks, Book 1, Chapter 18. She also makes one later on in  #LoveHacks, Book 2, Chapter 4.
  • She bears a resemblance to actress Kerry Washington.
  • She is mentioned and referenced several times throughout Endless Summer by Grace. It is unknown if she will make an appearance.
  • Some members of the fandom view her as suspicious and shady due to her possible partnership with Everett Rourke and her company's possible involvement in the Cordonia Scandal.
  • She makes a cameo appearance in Rules of Engagement: Newlyweds, Chapter 3.

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