Bill Holton, a character in the Most Wanted series, was the Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal in Texas. He was first seen in Book 1, Chapter 2.


Bill had brown eyes, light skin and short, white hair. He wears a blue button down shirt, a tan blazer and a U.S. Marshals badge.



Samatha Massey

Sam's was Bill's subordinate and mentee. While Bill knew her to be more than capable, he took her place in escorting John Tull to protect her from his perversions. This in addition to Sam perceiving him as her father figure, she was greatly affected by his death at the hands of Tull. She is willing to anything to catch Tull and bring him to justice.

Evan Shipley

Evan was one of Bill's subordinates.

Other Looks


  • His previous design strongly resembled actor Sam Elliott.
  • His old face resembled that of Hector Nevrakis .
  • On December 11, 2017, it was announced on Pixelberry's blog that Bill, along with other characters throughout several books will be getting a redesign in the next update for the app. As of December 12, 2017, Bill's updated look seems to have taken effect already.[1]