Ben, a character in the It Lives In The Woods book, is the captain of the Westchester Wolves basketball team. He first appears in Chapter 1.


Ben has fair skin, brown hair, and grey eyes. He wears a Westchester Wolves basketball jersey (navy blue and white with black outlines) with the number 8 on the front.


Ben has contempt for minorities like Andy and Tom, forbidding them from practicing shooting even though small forward is Andy's best position. He also exploits anything he dislikes about them for selfish reasons, such as allowing Andy in the team as a publicity stunt to make the team look good for pictures.



According to Ava, the basketball team (of which Andy and Ben are members of) enjoys excluding minorities like Andy, implying Ben’s begrudging recognition of Andy’s skills as the latter joins the team for the first time. This is confirmed in Chapter 4 when Ben tells Andy that having an Asian player on the team is just a publicity stunt and tells him to quit.


Ben finds Stacy attractive but also thinks she is boring because he assumes that her being the mayor’s daughter means that her life is perfect and he prefers to date girls who know how to party.


Ben appears to be close to Cody, whom he shared his thoughts on Stacy with.

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