Beau, a character in The Junior series, is a student at Hartfeld and the Treasurer of Alpha Theta Mu. He first appeared in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Beau has black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. He wears an indigo sweater over a white button-up shirt.


Although he is first shown to be friendly, it is hinted that he has a much darker side. He is a big believer in karma and revenge and believes that people should get what they deserve. In Chapter 10, it is revealed that he is psychotic.


Nathan Sterling

Nathan is an old friend of Beau. They met when they were teenagers. He originally went along with Beau's plan to prank Claire but became furious when he discovered that Beau lied and put glue in her shampoo instead of honey like he said.

Kassidy Marquez

Kassidy met Beau in one of her classes and started hanging out with the Alphas. She originally goes along with Beau's plan to prank Claire but becomes horrified when it is revealed that Beau put glue in Claire's shampoo instead of honey like he said.

It is revealed in Book 1, Chapter 10, that he leveraged Kassidy into sabotaging Zig, Becca and Kaitlyn by threatening to expose her for cheating on school work.


  • Nathan and Kassidy call him "B-Man" which is similar to Zig calling James "J-Man".
  • His mom is the Executive Director of Dryve.
  • He is a Junior at Hartfeld.
  • He pranked Claire by putting glue in her shampoo bottle which led to her cutting her hair short.
  • It was revealed by Nathan that he and Beau used to make harmless pranks together in their teens. However, Nathan left that life behind while Beau went over to pranks involving bigger crimes. 
  • A premium scene in Book 1, Chapter 5, revealed that he writes morbid The Crown & The Flame fan-fiction.
  • A premium scene in Book 1, Chapter 9, confirmed that he forked the football field.
  • His crimes include vandalism, blackmail, arson, and attempted murder.
  • He is eventually charged for arson.
  • It's revealed in the final chapter of The Junior that following his exposure by Your Character, Beau's family cut him off financially and consequently he had to drop out of Hartfeld completely or, if you have enough evidence, he will go to jail.