In The Crown and the Flame, the Battle of Lykos was a sea battle fought between Queen Kenna Rys of Stormholt and her army and King Luther Nevrakis and his army. Kenna's forces defeated Luther's, and deposed the Nevrakis family, imprisoning Luther Nevrakis and his daughter and regent Zenobia Nevrakis, ending the family's domination of the Five Kingdoms.


After driving the Nevrakis family out of Stormholt and Bellmere, Kenna Rys looked to deliver a fatal blow to the Nevrakis family's stranglehold on the Five Kingdoms. Hiding in Lykos, the Nevrakis capital, Kenna and her entourage formed alliances with the Adder of Lykos and the workers, and made plans to battle Luther Nevrakis as he returned from fighting the Iron Empire.

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