Bastien, a character in "Rules of Engagement" and "The Royal Romance" series, is European Guy's and Prince Liam's bodyguard. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 10.


Bastien has wavy black hair, grey eyes and fair skin. He wears a grey suit with a black shirt, silver tie and tie pin.


He often shows no expression and seems very serious. It is revealed in Book 2 Chapter 8 that he is one of the people involved in the plot against you, and that he coerced Penelope into setting you up. It is yet to be revealed why, and if anyone had threatened him.


European Guy

Bastien was European Guy's bodyguard and is very loyal to him.

Prince "Liam"

Bastien is Prince Liam's bodyguard and is very loyal to him.


Bastien looked after Drake when he was younger, Drake was like a son to him. They have a deeply special bond. Bastien is very loyal to the royal family and to Drake.

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