Aurynn Amanth, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is the daughter of King Amanth Drammir of Fydoria. She is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 6.


Aurynn has brown eyes and long wavy brown hair which she styles in a ponytail. She wears a purple dress with gold trimmings. She wears purple and gold earrings, a white flowery crown and gold framed glasses.


You first meet Aurynn in Book 3 Chapter 6 to warn Aurynnn of Azura's arrival. Playing as Raydan you visit her library to find out more about the Iron Kingdom's history as well as discover an anti-magic spell. Radyan may choose to flirt with her. Unfortunately Azura's powerful army captures Fydoria and Azura takes her prisoner, forcing her to swear loyalty to her. Playing as Val you may choose to rescue Aurynn and recruit her as an ally. If you do so, and you also do not choose Raydan as your lover, you can tease Raydan and Aurynn about a possible romantic relationship at the end of Book 3.


Aurynn is shown to have a studious and shy personality.


Tevan Drammir

Aurynn is Tevan's twin sister. She is not outgoing and charismatic like his twin brother but is shown to be sweet, shy and very studious.

Raydan Lykel

It is implied that Aurynn has a crush on Raydan in Book 3, Chapter 6. In the last chapter of Book 3 , she shyly invites Raydan to dance if Kenna does not choose him as her betrothed hence hinting at a future possible romantic relationship between them.


  • If you save Tevan in Book 1, Aurynn will be the Princess of Fydoria. If Tevan dies in Book 1, Aurynn will be the Queen of Fydoria.

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