Aurelia Guards are characters in "The Crown & The Flame" series. They protect and guard the city of Aurelia from threats and intruders. They are under the command of Annelyse Adair and aid Kenna in battle against the Nevrakis and Azura. They are first seen in Book 1, Chapter 7.


Aurelian guards have dull red armor heavily decorated with gold. The breastplate contains two golden circular fasteners connected to a brown strip of leather that hold a red cape, under which is a plain blish-gray robe. Perhaps due to their easy access to vast resources, their armor bear no defects nor scratches.

The Aurelian guards have five helmet variations, unlike those of the Five Kingdoms. Out of all known types of soldiers, they have the most similar helmet designs, consisting of a golden mask with simple eyeholes and a carved nose and lips, a brown outer shell with gold symmetrical flame-like patterns, and a red plume at the top.


Aurelian guards are loyal to their city, and are not easily swayed into helping outsiders with political affairs. They are cautious, allowing only a small group of Kenna's army, disarmed, to enter their city. They treasure their relics dearly, delighting upon seeing their ancient Golden Mountain Fangs being used again in battle.

Armor Designs