The Arcade is a location that appeared in Kaitlyn: The Perfect Date, #LoveHacks, Book 1, and High School Story, Book 1.


The arcade has a roller rink and arcade games cabinets. The most noticeable arcade games are Monster Mash, The Crown & The Flame, and Most Wanted.

Kaitlyn: The Perfect Date

Kaitlyn takes Your Character to the arcade in Northbridge for retro roller skating.

#LoveHacks, Book 1

The Main Character goes on a date with Ben as part of the "10 Guys You Date In Your Twenties" article in Chapter 11 of #LoveHacks, Book 1.

High School Story, Book 1

Your character and the gang went looking for Caleb in the arcade, where you challenged Sakura in a dance revolution game to get more info on his whereabouts.


  • It references two series in the background as arcade games The Crown & The Flame and Most Wanted series these are some of the first Books Pixelberry released.