"Your foods are greasy, yet I cannot stop eating them. Your 'ale' tastes like bog water, yet I cannot stop drinking it. And your dancing... Well, your dancing is absurd, but after I've had a few more cups of bog-water, I think I will try it."
—Anton's evaluation of Kenna's party (Book 3 Chapter 14).
Anton Luno is a character in The Crown & The Flame series. He is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 4. The player can recruit him in Book 3, Chapter 9.


Anton has black hair which is slicked back, brown eyes and tan skin. He wears a blue shirt and a turquoise vest with a net design.


Not much is known about Anton as he displayed most of the time under Hex's control, being constantly violent. When he is released from mind control, be shows a strong hatred for Hex, promptly attempting to kill her.

Free from mind control, Anton is a cheerful, lively man who talks fondly about Sei. He despises the taste of 'lowlander' liquor yet cannot help but drink more, and even desires to go bar hopping after the war.


Fire Magic

Like Sei, Anu and Dom, he hails from the Blackspine Mountains and thus possesses pyrokinesis, the power of fire. With this, he can manifest light blue flames which he can form into fireballs and whips.

However, he is less powerful than all the former three as he hasn't trained yet and has not yet gained the power to transform into a dragon.

Limited Heat Immunity

Being a wielder of the flame, Anton enjoys the accessory ability of being unaffected by heat and flames below a certain temperature


Sei Rhuka

Anton and Sei are childhood friends, and they grew up together. When Hex puts a claw-shaped mind control device on his head, he begins to do whatever Hex commands him to do, and this greatly upset Sei, who refuses to harm him even when he attacks her and Dom. After Hex is defeated and Dom is freed, Anton is happy to be back in control and is elated to see his friend again.


  • Firmly clasping a person's shoulder, followed by staring, seems to be a greeting of respect among Blackspine inhabitants, as Anton greeted Sei with such, which she returned. Sei also did this gesture to Leon Stirling before his gladiator fight against Azura's soldiers in Book 3 Chapter 2.

Other Looks