America's Most Eligible Season 10 is the first and thus far only book of the America's Most Eligible series.


Battle it out in a reality TV show to determine who is most eligible! Create alliances, make enemies, even fall in love... the choice is up to you!


Chapter 1: Who Has What It Takes

Battle it out in a reality TV show to determine who is most eligible! Create alliances, make enemies, even fall in love... the choice is up to you!

Chapter 2: First Impressions

As the season premiere continues, will your first impression outshine the competition?

Chapter 3: Flirting for the Win

It's week two of America's Most Eligible, and you're headed to Miami's hottest club! Will you withstand the heat, or are you about to get burned?

Chapter 4: All Hands on Deck

When you and the other contestants head out on the water for a romantic group date, will it be smooth sailing? Or will you rock the boat?

Chapter 5: Get Your Head In The Game

When you hit the beach for a lively challenge, on-set drama threatens to ruin your fun in the sun. Will you really your team to victory?

Chapter 6: Rumor Has It

Jen gives you a mission: win over the hearts and minds of your housemates. Will you uncover secrets, forge alliances, or heat things up along the way?

Chapter 7: Caught In The Spotlight

When rumors swirl, it's up to you to turn the tables... With the help of a friend!

Chapter 8: Shut Up and Dance

All eyes are on you during a sexy salsa dancing date. But will the rumors keep you dancing to someone else's tune?

Chapter 9: When the Competition Gets Fierce

With Piper taking over as your producer, she demands to know... do you have what it takes?

Chapter 10: Without a Paddle

You've been nominated for elimination! With the clock ticking, will you find out who set you up?

Chapter 11: Here To Make Friends

When you head to the Jury House, how will you handle coming face-to-face with old enemies?

Chapter 12: Don't Call It a Comeback

The eliminated contestants battle it out for a chance to return to the game. But will your comeback be cut short?

Chapter 13: Back To Reality

You're back in the competition and gearing up for a high fashion Challenge! But will claws come out when you hit the catwalk?

Chapter 14: Peace of Mind

When tensions rise among the other contestants, it's up to you to keep the good times rolling!

Chapter 15:

When Jen tells you to amp up your sex appeal, can you kiss your way to the win?

Chapter 16:

You're off to an amusement park for an afternoon of fun... but will the upcoming elimination rain on your parade?

Gameplay Features

Friendship Indicator

The book follows the same relationship system as the Endless Summer series. Certain choices can make the contestants like, dislike, or stay neutral about you and can affect the story in the future. Over time, their behavior toward you will change.

Your relationships with other characters are improved or damaged, contestants in America's Most Eligible have a friendship emoji right next to their name whenever they speak. The color and face on the emoji indicates the nature of that character's relationship to Your Character. The emoji range from an angry blue face for enemies to a laughing reddish face for best friends. Build alliances, make enemies, and even find romance.

Characters with friendship indicators are Your Character's opponents such as: The Handsome Stranger and The Beautiful Contestant respectively; as well as Han, Teagan, Derek, Ryder, Bianca, Ivy, Zeke, and Lina.


The Cast will compete in sexy Challenges, go on exciting Dates, and Vote each other out of the house one by one. The last person standing will win the grand prize of $500,000 and a romantic trip for two!  Jen also tells Your Character that there is an Audience Vote, which means that the viewers get a say in what goes in the beach house. At the Season 10 premiere in Chapter 1 Carson tells the audience how the title of 'America's Most Eligible' is a very special title. One that they don't hand out to just anyone. He goes onto say how past winners have gone on to be authors, social media influencers, amongst other things. However if Your Character chooses to ask the Handsome Stranger in Chapter 1 if he thinks that you could win, his responce is quite an angry one. He goes onto say how  the winners of this show are cutthroat, manipulative, and even cruel. That they the stab their 'friends' in the back to get to the top.



AME's Confessional

A confessional is what contestant interviews are called according to Jen in Chapter 1. The producers will ask you or the other contestants some questions, and then the editing staff will in turn cut your answers together with footage from these aforementioned interviews. In order to get a little bit of everything, Jen explains to Your Character that they do interviews before the big events and some after.

In Chapter 3, Jen reminds you that in Your Character's first confessional, You pick to play as The Flirt 😘, The Sweetheart ❤ or as The Villain 😈. You can stick whatever role you initially chose, but what matters most is that you provide Jen with consistent answers. This way she can edit the footage into a story arc. While in theory you could play as The Villain one week, a flirt the next, and a sweetheart after that, it's not recommended, as it's always best not to confuse America too much. Moreover, a consistent confessional personality goes a long way. As a result, it's best to stick to your chosen role as often as possible all summer. The attitude you pick now could have lasting consequences on your game later on...


  • Returning Contestant: The first twist revealed was the Handsome Stranger coming back into the competition. Derek reveals to Your Character in Chapter 2 that he was the runner-up last season (i.e. Season 9) and was a fan favorite.
  • Combining the Challenge and Elimination Ceremony: Derek also reveals to Your Character in Chapter 3 that the Bottom Two for the week usually stick around for a while so they can cause drama. Thus, combining both the challenge and elimination ceremony was another twist.
  • Cash Tokens: In Chapter 8 and week 4 of the competition, the contestants have the option of forfeiting this week's challenge and go for the cash tokens instead. There are six in total, but you have to split three with ur partner. Moreover, Carson explains that you can't keep them. Instead, you can give them to other contestants. This is an easy way of improving your relationships with the others, but are only good for one week.
  • Bottom Three: Also in Chapter 8 and week 4 of the competition, If Zeke and Han/Lina somehow did not lose the challenge, Han/Lina will join the Bottom Two to make it a bottom 3 since it is a condition of the audience immunity. Even if you did not accept the immunity, this will still happen since Ivy did accept hers.
  • Second Bottom Three: In Chapter 9, after the Bottom Two of the Photoshoot Challenge were revealed, Carson also declared that due to an Audience Vote that occured earlier in the season, the contestant (currently unknown which) who won that Audience Vote had the power to nominate a third person for Elimination in Week 5 and the nominee is none other than Your Character.
  • Double Elimination: During the Week 5 Elimination Ceremony, instead of voting out one of the Bottom Three to leave the competition, two contestants would be eliminated alongside one another during the ceremony.
  • Comeback After Elimination: In Chapter 11, after Your Character is eliminated from the competition and spends some time in the Jury House with the other eliminated contestants, the AME crew appears at the Jury House, something they don't normally do, and Carson announces that one of the eliminated contestants who wins the Comeback Challenge will return to the game and have another chance to be crowned America's Most Eligible.

Game History

Week Number Bottom Two Description Challenge Winner Challenge Boost Status
Week 1
Bianca and Teagan's signature drinks were deemed the weakest of the bunch and as a result, were up for elimination. Your Character (As Challenge Winner, You have automatic immunity for the week.) In Chapter 3, Carson reveals to Your Character that as the reigning challenge winner, you and four other contestants of your choosing get access to the coveted VIP Room. Due to a split vote, Your Character is forced to be the tiebreaker and as a result, choose to eliminate Bianca or Teagan. Whoever you eliminate is taken to the Jury House, and will return on finale night to help crown the winner of America's Most Eligible.
Week 2
Ryder is sabotaged by the Beautiful Contestant and lands in the bottom two. If you don't help Ivy get more numbers, she lands in the bottom two. If you do help her, then either Bianca or Teagan (depending on who you chose to save in Week 1) land in the bottom two instead. Your Character or  Derek As the challenge winner (You or Derek get to invite five other contestants to join you on the Group Date. No matter what choice you pick, Ryder is eliminated in Chapter 4. Ryder is taken to the Jury House, and will return on finale night to help crown the winner of America's Most Eligible.
Week 3
Week 3
After Beautiful Contestant won the winner vote, she chose to put Han and Lina in the bottom two. Beautiful Contestant. Put two people on the opposing team at the bottom two and pick anyone at all to go on an one-on-one date with the winner. Due to everyone being split, you have a premium choice to convince everyone to vote the way you want to, or leave it up to chance. Both Han and Lina have a 50-50 shot to get eliminated no matter what you pick. Whoever is eliminated is taken to the Jury House, and will return on finale night to help crown the winner of America's Most Eligible.
Week 4
Lina vs Zeke
As the last pair to cross the finish line, Zeke and Han or Lina (dependent of who you eliminated in week 3) end up in the bottom two. Your Character and Bianca/Teagan or Beautiful Contestant and Handsome Stranger (if you ran for Cash Tokens.) Pick another couple to go on a sexy salsa dance date. Regardless of who wins, you take the three potential winners with you, resulting in the opportunity to win a challenge boost during the date. Regardless of choice, Han/Lina receive the most votes and are the 4th person sent home. Assuring Zeke's safety.
Week 5 Zeke, Bianca/Teagan, and You As the one to receive the fewest votes Zeke is immediately placed in the bottom two, joined by Teagan or Bianca (dependant of who was saved in week 1). In a series twist, a contestant was also given a "bottom three" power, allowing them to place a third contestant into the nominee pool, Your Character is selected as the third nominee. Ivy Ivy receives automatic immunity for the week. She also gets the chance to take 3 contestants on a kayaking date. Since Your Character is up for elimination, they aren't allowed to vote and must campaign in order to increase their chances to stay in the game. They can spend diamonds to watch the other contestants' Confessionals to figure out the best way to appeal to them, but regardless of your efforts, Teagan/Bianca and Your Character are both eliminated.
Week 5.5 N/A

As the winner of the comeback challenge one character is allowed to return to the competition.

As a result, there is no bottom 2.

Your Character There is no challenge boost. There are several places you can choose to hide your heart token, 3 of which result in a loss. If you lose you are forced to restart the challenge, regardless of results, in the end, you return to the competition for week 6.
Week 6
Zeke vs. Ivy
As the two contestants to do the worst in the Runway Challenge, Zeke and Ivy are placed in the bottom 2. Your Character/Beautiful Contestant

It is not known what boost the winner has received, all that is known is that the winner receives a special "perk" in Week 7's challenge. Regardless of outcome, Your CharacterHandsome Stranger, Beautiful Contestant and Derek go on a black-light bowling date.

If you win you will have to convince Adam who to vote for, no matter what you choose, or who you vote for, Zeke is deemed ineligible and is the 6th person to be eliminated.


Sneak Peeks

Pre-Book Sneak Peeks & Information


Promotional Videos


  • On June 14, 2018. a trailer was released across Pixelberry's various social media platforms and various things were revealed in this first sneak peak.[1]
  • Similar to other books, the first two chapters will be released at its release.
    • The series will take place in Miami, Florida and seems to draw inspiration from shows like : The Bachelor/The Bachelorette , UnREAL and the Big Brother TV series respectively.
    • The player should expect more drama, romance and all kinds of hookups with the rest of the contestants.
    • It was also revealed on June 14, 2018 that the season 10 part of the title is part of the story and we will learn more about the past nine seasons as we play through the book. [2]
  • In response to a player, Pixelberry confirmed via Facebook that you will be able to play as a male or female character.
  • The summary for the first chapter was subsequently revealed on June 15, 2018.
    • On this same day an account for one of the contestants for season 10 was created and on June 18, 2018 the account revealed she'd be a contestant.[3]
      • Bianca wrote in her twitter bio that she is a swimsuit model 🌸 and a shoe connoisseur🌸 [4]
  • On June 18, 2018 a sneak featuring Carson, the host of this reality TV show was unveiled. [5]
    • Additionally, a second sneak peak featuring two female characters who are contestants: Mack the tough girl and Ivy the debutante. [6]
  • On June 19, 2018 two sneak peaks were unveiled: a character bio for Mack, [7] and a second sneak peak featuring Derek the super fan, and Han the Pro Athlete. [8]
  • On June 20, 2018 two sneak peeks were unveiled: a character bio for Derek on Tumblr[9] and a bio for Han on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook[10].
    • On this same day, Pixelberry released a third sneak peak featuring Bianca the swimsuit model and Zeke the firefighter[11] [12]
  • On June 21, 2018 it was confirmed via the Choices App that like the newer series of books, the first 2 chapters will be released on the launch day.
    • On this same day, a character bio for Bianca was released across various social media platforms. [13]
  • On June 22, 2018 it was revealed that Teagan was picked as our go to dance partner, and a character bio was subsequently released. [14]
    • A sneak peek for Ryder's bio was revealed in Tumblr. [15]
    • On this same day, a sneak peek of Lina the party girl and Adam the bad boy was released and implies that they could be love interests to Your Character. [16]
    • Additionally, in response to a player, Pixelberry hinted at our choices when it comes to relationships mattering more than ever for this book. [17]
    • The summary for the third chapter was also released on this same day.
  • On June 25, 2018 a sneak peek for Lina's bio was released across various social media platforms[18] and Adam's bio was released on Instagram.[19]
  • On June 26th, 2018 a blog post revealed that it will have the same relationship system as Endless Summer. It was also revealed that this is the first time the MC could be considered the villain of a Choices story.[20]
  • It premiered on Wednesday June 27, 2018 and is being billed as the 10th season of this reality TV show within the Choices universe.
    • Coincidently, this was also the same date that the 20th season of Big Brother in the U.S. premiered. [21]
  • It has been strongly implied that this story has 10 love interests who are also  your fellow competitors, if correct, this makes this story the book with the largest amount of love interests.
  • After each contestant is eliminated, they fade away from the Season 10 Cast poster; this seems to be paying homage to America's Next Top Model , which follows the same process when a contestant is eliminated.
  • In a premium scene in Chapter 8 of Veil of Secrets, America's Most Eligible was mentioned by Kate. She told your character that they will binge watch the last season of America's Most Eligible once she gets out of the hospital.
  • In Chapter 6 of America's Most Eligible Season 10, if Your Character joins Derek  and the Handsome Stranger in the hot tub and picks to ask them about their favorite show, they both say The Crown & The Flame.
    • Your Character admits he/she just started watching it, whereas Derek confesses he binge watched the first two seasons in a week.
    • The Handsome Stranger for his part doesn't want to hear any spoilers because he is only at the Battle of Wolf's Mouth.


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