Alyssa Griffin, a character in "Most Wanted" series, is a famous actress and singer. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Alyssa has tan skin and brown eyes. Her hair is long, brown and wavy. She wears a green dress.



David Reyes

David and Alyssa are very good friends. She has a crush on him but is scared to tell him about her feelings. The player can have Sam support Alyssa on confessing her feelings for Dave during the charity ball.

Sam Massey

Alyssa first meets Sam at the LARA charity ball. They were first seen sitting on the bar next to each other. The player decides what Sam will order while Alyssa orders a whiskey.

Alyssa tells her that she has feelings for Dave. It is up to the player to have Sam flirt with Alyssa.

When she found out that Dave and Sam knew each other, she thought that they were lovers. It was later revealed that they're "not that kind of partners", and were more like "Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill" type of partners.

Hayley Rose

Alyssa wanted to make a jump from acting to a singing career. An agent was seen speaking to Alyssa and compared her to Hayley Rose. This angered Hayley.


  • Alyssa makes a cameo appearance in The Freshman, Book 2, Chapter 10.
  • She makes a cameo appearance in Rules of Engagement, Book 2, Chapter 11.
  • If you use Diamonds to help her in Chapter 1, she will tell you about a film project, "Goliath", which is a front to distribute a drug called "Blur". Despite this, you never investigate further.

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