Queen Adriana Rys, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is the former queen of Stormholt. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Adriana has black hair, olive skin and brown eyes. She wears a blue and silver gown, paired with silver and saphire necklace, earrings and crown.


Adriana was a kind and gentle, but firm, queen. Her main goal was safety from the Iron Empire, and she worked to make peace between the Five Kingdoms, a goal that led to her being known as "the Peacemaker". Unfortunately, this goal led to her death, and led many to refer to her as "the Fool Queen".

Adriana had a strong sense of duty, as she stepped up to rule Stormholt after the death of her husband, since Princess Kenna was too young.

Despite her reputation as a peacemaker, Queen Adriana was a cunning strategist. Early in her reign, she put down a rebellion led by the nobles of Stormholt by kidnapping their children and taking them to Stormholt Castle, where she refused to give them up until the nobles surrendered and recognized her as their Queen.


Kenna Rys

Kenna is her daughter. Even though Kenna isn't happy about the fact that her mother chooses her husband, Adriana loves 'her little butterfly' a lot and their relationship is very affectionate. Kenna can visit the spirit world and give her a final goodbye in Book 3, Chapter 17 (Diamond).

Marcellus Rys

Marcellus was Adriana's husband until his death. Not much is known about their relationship, but his death affected her severely, to the point where she believed she could never love again.


Eloise was Adriana's sister. According to Adriana, Eloise was always gallivanting with some new lover she had picked up. However, her latest lover was in fact a spy for Luther Nevrakis, who "gauged [her] eyes out" to make her reveal the secret passage of Stormholt Castle, which in turn allowed Luther to invade the castle execute all of the Five Kingdoms' other monarchs and their families, and then annex all of those monarchs' realms. In a sense, Luther's grip on the Five Kingdoms can be attributed to Eloise revealing the existance of Stormholt Castle's secret passage.

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