Abbie, a character in "The Freshman" and "The Sophomore" series, is a student at Hartfeld and a member of the Art Club. She makes her first appearance in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Abbie's hair is black and curly. She has brown eyes and tan skin. Usually, she wears a necklace and a white sweater with black symbols on it.


Abbie is a nice, tactful girl. She likes painting, but she doesn't consider herself as an artist. Before she and Tyler got together, Abbie had never been in love or kissed anyone. That is possibly the reason why she sometimes behaves a little bit cautiously and has trouble with talking about her feelings.

Abbie's Painting

Abbie's painting


Your Character

Abbie is friendly towards Your Character and welcomes her with open arms during their first interaction in Chapter 1.


In Book 3, Abbie does not like how Kaitlyn is ignoring everyone else, and hanging out with her new bandmates. Abbie and Kaitlyn make up by the last few chapters.

Her Family

Abbie has a younger sister. In Book 1, it's mentioned, that she just started high school and has got problems with her classmates. Abbie cares very much about her, so she wanted to fly to her sister immediately, but her parents wouldn't pay it.


"I mean, I think we both had a lot of learning to do... But he's sweet and smart and funny, and he cares about me, and... Well... I think I... love him." - Abbie about Tyler in Book 2, Chapter 15.

In Book 1, Tyler has a massive crush on Abbie. She later starts to like him too but both don't know how to make a move on one another. A lot of misunderstandings and Leila's flirtations complicate the situation. If Your Character supports them, Tyler and Abbie will go to the formal together. In Book 2, they're an official couple and things seem to go pretty well.

In "The Sophomore" it is shown that they have moved in together. In "The Sophomore: Book 1, Chapter 6" she starts to appear bored of Tyler when Tyler shows affection towards her. By Chapter 13, their relationship seems to be more strained.

As of Chapter 14, they are taking a break from each other and Abbie is crashing on your couch to avoid him.


At first, Leila acts hostile towards Abbie due to the fact that she likes Tyler, too.

Other Looks


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