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Game reset. What's going on?

I opened the app tonight and was greeted with a question "Time to start your first book. Which type of book do you prefer: Young Adult, Romance, Vampire?"

I was confused but picked one anyway. After that, I saw that all the books have been reset, I'm at chapter one for all of them but my diamonds are still there (Phew!!!). Still confused, I started reading a chapter and then closed out of the app. When I opened it back, the gender and skin color of my character has changed. Something wacky is going on with the game tonight.

Anyone else encountering this?

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LI in The Heist

Guys, I wonder who do you pick as your LI in The Heist? Personally I'm disappointed with the options for male LIs (I play as Straight Female MC); Rye isn't that interesting and Fabian is a cardboard character. I kinda wish Peter Graves is an LI but it seems that he is also another cardboard characters. I notice though the female LIs are more interesting, I might try that for my other playthrough but for now I guess I'll wait for them to introduce new LIs.

What about you?

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can’t sign up

hey everyone, sorry to be a bother but i can’t figure out how to sign up to this wiki even though i’ve tried many things. if someone could help me out i’d greatly appreciate it. :)

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Favorite current series?

Just wondering, out of all the current series, which ones are your favorites?

For me, it's The Heist, It Lives Beneath, and Elementalists. I'm a sucker for anything that revolves around the crime or mystery genre

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What do you think will happen at The Roost to the MC?

  • Surprise Party
  • Surprise Attack
  • Other
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The future of HSS

Hey, guys. Just wondering, what do you think PB should do with High School Story after Class Act ends? Because there seems to be three different groups.

Group 1 wants to go back to the original cast.

Group 2 wants to stick with this cast.

Group 3 thinks that the series should just end.

What should PB do with this series after this upcoming Monday?
  • Go back to the original cast, they were better.
  • Stick with the new cast, they're not that bad.
  • Just end it. This series has lost it's flair.
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The Traitor in elementalists

I suspect it would be Zephyr who is the traitor and Griffin as an unwitting lackey who is forced to keep his mouth quiet in the book series, "The Elementalists". I don't think it could be Shreya or Beckett.

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Chapter review/theories January 7th-January 11th 2018 + my thoughts on Ride or Die

The Heist: Short but sweet. I was originally trying to keep my crew evenly split between genders because originally I had four men (MC, Rye, Anton, and Eddie Quick) and three women (Eris, Lena, and Tillie). I wasn't originally going to recruit Peter Graves, but I honestly couldn't care less about Miranda and her relationship with the Princess. I'm here to steal stuff, not play matchmaker. So I now have five men and three women in my crew.

I have no idea who this Ulrich Ziegler guy is other than he builds complex security systems. But if he's working with Ansel, he probably has some skeletons in the closet. And I ended up choosing the Villa base for my crew.

Class Act: I thought it was a nice and heartwarming chapter with the play raising more than enough money for Rory's mother to afford her cancer treatment. But if PB thought I would pay to make a "Thank You" card for one of my least favorite characters in this book, they thought wrong.

It Lives Beneath: Parker, I'm glad you finally stood up to your boss..but what the hell was with that lecture, dude?! You just told your boss what he was doing is wrong and dismantled his gun. Hey, here's an idea, use that gun against the monsters and super-powered psychopaths who want to kill us! So I chose to get the enchanted Marlinspike and it seems like the effects it had on the cultists just caused their bodies to deteriorate.

I'm glad that Chief Kelley and Vincent got their comeuppance. So that leaves Astrid and Richard as the only key members of The Society. I feel really bad for Josephine, but at the same time, she needs to be stopped. I know that her drowning people was a result of her deteriorating mental state, but that doesn't excuse her actions. And I'm not sure if Arthur really betrayed her or if that's the way that Josephine interpreted his actions.

I got all five ruins so I think the next chapter will start with us heading to Arthur's house, and we'll get whatever's behind the case if we have all five objects. I thought it was cute how Danni confessed that she was in love with me.

Courtesan of Rome: Hopefully we'll get to play as Victus in the next chapter. He's the main reason I play this story. And I decided not to adopt the Asp. I hate snakes, even virtual ones. Along with heights, they are one of my greatest fears. I'm absolutely terrified of them. So yeah, the Priestess committed a murder...*calls out* ohhhhhhhh, Aquila! There's a criminal you need to punish.

Elementalists: I don't trust you, Beckett! I'm not saying this because he had another diamond scene, I'm saying this because he was acting super weird in class. He knew a spell that he shouldn't have been able to know, and he can't keep his answers straight. Because my MC said that first Beckett claimed he had taken summer school classes, now he's saying that his dad taught him.

So I have a theory, what if The Dread is Beckett's dad? Highmore and Harrington sound a little similar. Or at least, they both start with "H". And that might explain how Beckett knows an advanced spell that is forbidden for freshmen to practice.

There's also a theory that our friends found out when our birthday is and are throwing us a surprise party in The Roost, and that explains why they've been acting so weird as of late.

Thoughts on Ride or Die: I honestly don't know what to think. I try not to judge a story until it officially comes out and I play it, because that's my policy with every Choices story. But it really seems like we're forced into a relationship with this Logan guy, and he seems like a lowlife. That sneak peak that showed his wanted poster stated that on top of being a street racer, he also steals cars. Logan isn't some noble thief like our crew in The Heist, he's just like most criminals: selfish.

Hopefully we can pick our gender, there will be at least one female love interest, and we have the chance to team up with the Dad to take down Logan.

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Chapter Review: Desire and Decorum Chapter 4

Ah, back in Grovershire. It looks beautiful, though some places look more festive than I expected. Take the Daly house, for instance. It looks large and cozy, as if it screams luxury by Regency rural standards. But since I'm not that knowledgeable of the Regency era, I could be wrong.

I'm surprised all four love interests are also in Grovershire, when I expected it to make sense for Luke alone. For Hamid, it's most likely because of his love of travel and adventure. Not to mention I adore him for playing tag with kids. But for Ernest and Annabelle? I wanna know what's their reason. At least playing tag with the kids was fun and relaxing, and all four love interests interacting together as a group is the dynamic this story needs. They need to get along together.

Ah, back to the childhood home. The letter MC's mom left her was a touching reminder of MC's. Proof that she should never forget the roots.

Sigh. Just like in Veil of Secrets, some premium options to spend one-on-one with a love interest also doubles as clue finders. Nothing wrong with that, though. I just find it a bit weird that I have the option to perform romantic moments after searching for clues. Since I couldn't afford to get the second clue, I had to watch on YouTube. The second letter was found folded like a paper crane and has the same symbol as the highwaymen. It talked about how the Prince Regent was an incapable ruler who squanders the country's wealth while poor people suffer and rumors of something big about to happen. I think there will be a rebellion going on. If that's the case, I wonder why we should help the Prince Regent despite his mismanagement of his country?

In short, just the chapter I need after all that turbulence in Edgewater, though I bet something worse will happen.

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• 1/11/2019

Choices Community Awards

On Tumblr, there's an annual event called Choices Community Awards, where fans can vote for characters, stories, or events. Feel free to vote if you're interested.

The details are here:

The link is here:

Choices Community Awards 2018 - Finals
Choices Community Awards 2018 - Finals Google Docs
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• 1/11/2019

Desire & Decorum Book Two

Did anyone notice that you get the extra +manners in Chapter 4 if you're wearing the Edgewater Jewels?

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• 1/9/2019

I'm really not missing Across the Void...

Even though I didn't particularly enjoy AtV, I actively played it, and I thought I would miss it when it went on hiatus. But now that it's done, I don't miss it at all. Being in the middle of a war you know nothing about while having to pick from muddled and sub-par LIs and switching between your horrible siblings really made for stressful gameplay.

But, for those of you who did enjoy it, I understand why you did, and I think this story has so much potential. Stay strong, the story will resume in spring (hopefully, still waiting for Most Wanted 2 though😬)

I hope PB doesn't give up on sci-fi though, other than PM there's not really much sci-fi on the app.

Long story short I wouldn't be broken up about it if they never finished AtV, but I hope PB doesn't shy away from sci-fi just because of the bad reaction from this book.

Are you mad that PB stopped in the middle of AtV?
  • Yes, I liked that book
  • No, I hate that book
  • I don't care
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• 1/8/2019

Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance

Are you looking forwards to RoD?
  • Yes!
  • No...
  • I don't know what to think.
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• 1/8/2019

Hayley Tull's death. When did it happen?

When did Hayley Rose die in the Most Wanted book? I am sure she survived? I mean the walkthroughs did not tell us that an axe beheaded us? Someone needs to change that article

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• 1/7/2019

Book/Chapter Count. What's your number?

Since they've added this feature it's made me curious where everyone is at.

Just at this current moment go check and post it here.

Device 1: 96 Books. 1605 Chapters.

Device 2: 78 Books. 1341 Chapters.

Device 3: 5 Books. 173 Chapters.

Total: 179 Books and 3119 Chapters.

And those numbers don't even include the two sets of lost progress (one device death, one glitched not attached to FB so too bad even though I spent real money) and all of my paid for but currently unfinished chapters.

So. What's your number? Lol.

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• 1/7/2019

Question on series order.

I was watching older Choices videos on YouTube the other day, and I noticed that apparently The Freshman and Most Wanted were playable on the beta version of the app as early as August 2nd, 2016. The Crown and the Flame wasn't available until the official release on August 17th. In light of this, shouldn't MW be listed above TC&TF in various listings?

For anyone who wants to verify this, the YouTuber in question was Lokim23.

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• 1/6/2019

Who is your HSS: CA Love Interest?

I'm curious. Who is your LI in HSS:CA? Honestly, I find that the LI's in this book are not as interesting as HSS.

  • Skye
  • Ajay
  • Rory
  • No One
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• 1/6/2019

Progress issues

So has anyone had the issue of the game like resetting to a previous point like mine keeps taking me back to previous chapters even though I've already read them but my diamond choices have been saved for example I'm on book three of endless summer and I read through chapter four so I should have been on chapter five well I closes the app then when I went to get back on it had me on chapter two I thought it was a glitch so I reread chapter two and three again then closed the app and when I got back on later it was once again at chapter two I've talked to the help center they gave me things to try I've tried all of them and the game still keeps doing this to me can anyone help me please

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• 1/5/2019

Review: D&D Chapter 3

This is an awesome chapter. I couodn't afford the disguise, but I still made it in one piece. Not to mention that fighting against the highwaymen was fun. This proves that MC should start learning what it truly means to be Countess: taking responsibility for the wellbeing of others. At the same time, I wondered how she managed to fight well without training, and the response was funny. Apparently imagining that the enemy is Duke Richards is a fun way to get back on the highwaymen. Sad that it's a premium option, but it's worth it.

Regarding the pamphlet calling for the Prince Regent's overthrow, I think this Cabinet of Secrets focuses on digging up dirt on Duke Richards. I hope collecting more evidence of his misdeeds provides extra dialogue options like in Veil of Secrets. After reading it, I think Duke Richards is manipulating the people of England into rebellion so he could become King of England. If so, are there any other reasons besides claiming descent from the royal family? And will this put him in great contrast to the MC in terms of behavior towards the people, other people of high rank, and the government itslef?

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