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  • America's Most Eligible Season 11
  • Bloodbound 2
  • Desire and Decorum 2
  • Hero Vol. 2
  • Most Wanted 2
  • Red Carpet Diaries 3
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  • America's Most Eligible Season 11
  • Bloodbound 2
  • Desire and Decorum 2
  • Hero Vol. 2
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It lives

I know this is probably premature, I mean we still have a lot of the current book to go. But this just struck me, and I want to get peoples opinions. If they do another It Lives book, who would you like the Main Character to be?

Who would you like the MC to be if they do a 3rd It Lives book?
  • MC from It Lives In The Woods
  • MC from It Lives Beneath
  • Brand New MC
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Really trying to like HHS:CA

So I'm really trying to like Class Act, and for the most part I do. I like my awkward MC, I like Skye, I enjoy some of the other characters as well... Rory is still a question mark for me, I get that they let you pick who Rory is, guy or girl, and the look so the crush can me yours. The problem is I'm not invested in Rory, she/he is supposed to be this super popular boy/girl net door, but it's not working for me. The best parts are still when the characters from the other books show up, and Rory really should have been in one of the firsts books if not all. I'm not saying a main character in the other books, but someone we would learn to like as a minor character.

Oh yeah, this most recent chapter... I didnt care for it, mostly cause I dont like Ajay... is that his name. Anyway, I guess I'm just throwing thoughts out there. Still like my character, and will still play... really want to get my MC with Skye.

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more cartoon-themed stories

does anyone want Pixelberry to do more stories where the characters are designed like cartoon/animated style like with Hero and Endless Summer?

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What do you think that it's gonna happen with Kyle?

He is a LI, so it's obvious that he's gonna appear again. Tell me your theory.

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What are you more excited for?

  • Most Wanted 2
  • Hero Vol. 2
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D&D Chapter 16 and The Senior Chapter 9

Desire and Decorum

Confronting Bishop Monroe proved to be easier and less fun than I thought, though I don't have much respect for that man because of his spinelessness. Marlcaster, on the other hand, finally grew a spine by breaking his engagement with Sutton. Hooray!

The MC's proposal and kiss with Hamid was a sweet one that put a smile on my face. He's a jovial man who knows how to stay positive in his travels. Kinda like a mature Maxwell.

Well, of course Bartholomew Chambers has to be MC's fiancé in case she declares her love for Annabelle. It's the only way to keep things from boiling to scandal. Heck, people have been speculating this since Chambers and Konevi were first introduced. What I didn't expect is him offering to be fiancé as well if Luke's chosen as well.

Ugh, I knew Duke Richards would cause trouble, and with Dominique, no less. I have lost all respect for her, and I'm not surprised Richards is the real villain while Henrietta's finally shoved aside so easily. Regarding the ending, it's a recycle of RoE Book 1's ending (you get engaged to the person who wronged you), but with someone else being an idiot instead of the MC. That reeks of lazy writing disguised as a "plot twist" I found predictable the moment Duke Richards attacked the MC, which I highly dislike. Not to mention that it's extremely triggering for people who experienced assault like this in their lives. As for the title of Countess of Edgewater, I feel like it doesn't really matter that much in the future.

Overall, I'd say this story ranges between average to somewhat good. Not super good that it's one of my top favorites, but still enough to get me interested and excited. Marlcaster learning how to stand up for himself was one of my favorite moments, and all love interests are great in their own ways. Not to mention that I've come to like my MC for being a total badass in words as well as actions. I have no love for the ending, which could've focused on MC struggling with being a countess. What is with PB assuming that having such a title is easy despite the responsibilities that come with it? If only there's more believable action, a more complete depiction of the Regency era, no collectible system to worry about in the future, and no copying stuff from other books, then I'll like it better.

The Senior Chapter 9

Again, not much I could say other than me feeling eager to learn about Vasquez's relationship with Eliana. My guess is that she's his wife who died before the series began.

Gah! Just when I thought the gang is becoming more independent when Zack suddenly loses Burpy.

Apparently, the description for the next chapter says there will be an "unexpected curtain call" in a relationship close to the MC. I'm no expert on theater terms, so I looked up what curtain call means, and I learned that it's when a performer or performers are applauded at the end of a performance. Someone on Tumblr guessed it may be a figurative way of saying that someone's going to break up, and my best guess is Tyler and Abbie. I couldn't stand Tyler's stupidity in The Junior.

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I'm so loving The Senior

I've made no secret of the fact that I love this series, and have loved it since I started with the Freshman. I think the characters are great, they remind me of people I know (which my help with my love of the series) but I just feel connected to them after all this time. I know the series as a whole has had its ups and downs, the Junior for one feeling kind out of place. Even with it not being my favorite, the third year still had me emotionally invested, maybe if they had stuck to the book a trimester model they started with it wouldn't have felt so weird having the characters we've grown to love get ripped apart for that whole book. Regardless of how I feel about past books and the series as a whole, I must say I feel they have really stepped it up with the Senior.

Now I've only played through the series with Katlyin as my love interest. I know there is a lot of talk about her being immature and selfish, which is true, however she's 18 and 21 by the Senior. People seem to forget these characters aren't adults and they are still growing as people, and they have grown. The relationship with Katelyin I'm playing is going in a good direction, taking vacations, talking though issues, making efforts to spend time together, and talking about the future. I don't think this will be a several book series, though I wish it would be. I'm really hoping The Senior isnt the last book with these characters. Anyway, the bottom line is I really like the Senior and I dont think it get enough love.

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Opinion Poll

If you could bring back any series that has ended, which one would you choose?

Which one?
  • Endless Summer
  • The Crown & The Flame
  • The Royal Romance
  • #LoveHacks
  • Rules of Engagement
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November 8th, 2018 timeline update

Hey, all. I was scrolling around on the timeline and I saw a new updated bullet point that hints that PB could be working on two new books that could revolve around Pirates or the Zombie Apocalypse.

If they actually are working on pirate/zombie apocalypse themed books, that would be amazing.

If there is a pirate themed book, it would be awesome if Yvonne and Malatesta made cameos or were some of the protagonists.

If there is a zombie apocalypse themed book, I hope they focus on the psychological aspect that it could have on people. One thing that Walking Dead from Telltale does really well is focusing on how people would react to what is basically the end of the world and civilization as we know it. Some people just can't handle it and go completely insane.

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Chapter review/theories November 5th-November 9th 2018 +updated Courtesan of Rome Thoughts

Across The Void: TBH, I'm glad we're done with those passengers. They were beyond annoying and pretty much everything they said and did made me want to pull my hair out. I tapped through the entire Eos scene because as I've said before, I can't stand the guy. He and Pax are some of the worst protagonists in the Choices universe.

Regarding the cliffhanger involving the Senate bombing, I can see why they put it on hiatus for the time being. They kicked the ball, but they need more than a week to keep it rolling. Because regardless of your personal thoughts on this series, you can't deny that it has been extremely unpopular. I've seen some people comment that the hiatus probably means that the writers are trying to find a way to wrap this up into one book. And I feel inclined to agree.

Class Act: Ok, I know that Danielle is a stereotypical jealous girl type villain, but as I keep saying, I still like this book better than Book 3. I honestly feel really bad for our twin. Their girlfriend seems like a total headcase. Cue in a few more chapters, they're going to stalk our twin to our home like a total lunatic.

My only major complaint is the next chapter is all about Ajay. I feel like this is occasionally done in a Choices story. The writers are so proud of one love interest, that they make an entire chapter dedicated to them. I don't hate Ajay, but at the same time, I don't like him. He's...tolerable at best.

It Lives Beneath: I don't have a single complaint about this chapter. It's just not possible. I loved everything about it. Tom showing up out of nowhere to kill the monster bear, getting the Seeing Stone, confiding in Tom, Parker, and Danni about our parents' deaths, and to top it all of, we went back to Westchester. One thing I think that was especially well done because the writing changed based on how your story for ILITW ended.

I loved seeing the old gang again. Someone on FB asked which of the old gang you thought was most helpful, and I think it was a tie between Ava, Lucas, and Stacy:

Ava: She told us what the entity was, a Wraith. If you don't watch Supernatural, a Wraith is basically an angry ghost. If someone has a long and agonizing or violent death, it is believed that their spirit can't cross over to the afterlife. They can't cross over until they're put to rest.

Lucas: He gave the information that because of the Dam, the lake isn't natural. Something could have happened with the development company in the journal entries that pissed off the entity.

Stacy: She gave us information on how to potentially take down the cult. She said that not all cults are about brainwashing their members, some of them just want power. And it looks like this cult isn't engaging in human sacrifices. They're just killing anyone who might be getting too close to the truth.

So every time I replay ILITW, I sacrifice Noah. I've never sacrificed myself. So my old MC showed up with their black hoodie in an alley instead of being at the library, which I thought was kinda odd. It raises some questions: Did they become a lone wolf monster hunter? Did they have a falling out with the original cast? If they were dating someone from the original cast, did they break up?

Perfect Match: As much as I love this series, I'm not really a fan of going on live TV to try to expose Eros. I prefer having secret meetings with criminals like Nikos and Remy, going undercover, and striking strategic blows against Eros. And if the summary for Chapter 12 is any indicator, going on live TV doesn't work. Cecile or Rowan could show up with Harley and the President and accuse us of being liars and criminals who stole from them.

Hopefully it picks up again soon because I'm ready for some action.

Big Sky Country: So we know that Garret Redmond is most likely going to be the big bad, right? Ok, cool, just checking. He's definitely shady. He made a secret deal with Cliff's banker behind his back and Sawyer mentioned that AgraCorp had been in trouble recently on the news. Let's not forget that he dropped a thinly veiled threat that he would get the Oakleys' ranch.

It seems like we're going to try to end the feud between the Oakleys and Mendozas because they have a common enemy; AgraCorp. Before, I wasn't sure if I wanted to romance Juliette or Asha, but I'm definitely going for Juliette after this chapter.

The Elementalists: I really liked this chapter. And I'm warming up to Beckett. Now, I know that you're thinking "Wait a minute, Superherofanatic1999, you like Beckett?! But you hate the redeemed mean people who end up becoming love interests!". It is true, dear reader. While I openly despise people like Becca, Britney, and Victoria, I will talk about why I like Beckett. He apologized. He admitted he was being a bully and asked for a chance to start over. And the beauty with The Elementalists is because I got to choose my sexuality, they're not forcing me to romance him. We can just be friends.

Regarding the 10 spells that we can learn, I think that most of them will be free and just depend on your memory. I think they'll only cost diamonds if there is an advanced spell, for example, there is a theory that the MC's 3rd attunement will be to blood.

So, let's talk about the psychopath who was introduced in the last chapter. Raife Highmore aka The Dread. Beckett mentioned that he was a notorious criminal in the Magick world who was never caught and is viewed by some as the boogeyman. The book collectible mentioned that he was an internationally feared criminal even though he only operated in the United States. To top it all off, his only victims were children. The book also mentioned that no one knows what launched his crime spree, but they believe it was due to an already growing resentment against blood-atts or he was looking for a mystical artifact.

I think that woman who was following us could be a relative and that man in the picture holding the MC as an infant could be our biological father, because there is a theory that the MC is adopted.

Courtesan of Rome thoughts: I have hope. I know that some people are scared about having a multiple point POV because of how much Across the Void is hated for that. It all depends on how they write the characters. The MC is obviously a woman who wants revenge on Julius Caesar, the Gladiator will see plenty of action, and the Priestess could act as some sort of moral compass.

The summary for Chapter 3 intrigued me because it seems like there will be a mythology aspect. My only major hope for this and all future series is that we get to pick our sexuality. That aspect in Elementalists was very well received.

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• 11/9/2018

My thoughts on ‘The Elimentalist’ Chapter 4

First of all, I really like this story so far. It’s giving me obvious hogwarts vibes but I like the overall concept and I love that you take a quiz to find your attunement (I hope thats spelt right someone correct me if im wrong please!)

Even though I was enjoying the story this episode was a real step up in my opinion. I loved MC spending time wirh Beckett and getting to know him as I was hoping he would be a love interest, I’m a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope! And the cliffhanger at the end with the woman following you who had the picture of you. Will she be MC’s mother? Sister?

My only issues were having to spend diamonds to get any other familiar than a toad (and then not even being able to name your toad). And when seeing Beckett studying in the library I got ‘slacker’ points even though MC was given no opportunity to go and study??

Apart from that I really enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to see what else this story has to offer, very interested into finding out about this woman!!

Thoughts on Beckett as a love interest???
  • Yes please!!<3
  • No thank you! Got my eye on someone else...
  • I don’t need no love interest, I’m happily doing my magick
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• 11/7/2018

The Problem I Have with PB’s stories

Hello everyone! So we all know that PB is known for their romance or mystery books, which is all fine and dandy, but I feel like I want something a little more... I don’t know... realistic?

For example, the entire plot of HSS is that a new girl/boy comes to the school and somehow befriends EVERYONE? The jocks, theater peeps, academic peeps, cheerleaders, slackers, etc. are alll BFF’s, and I’m sitting here like “If real life was like that I would be the most popular person in the world..”

I mean, c’mon! Yeah, PB isn’t supposed to be realistic, but if you’re trying to do a “high school story” it should at least have a little bit of reality.

Also, have you noticed that the MC is almost never the smart one? In ES, Grace and Aleister were “the smart ones”, in HSS it is Nishan, and in PM it’s Sloane!

As a more academically inclined person, I want there to be representation! Maybe instead of churning out ANOTHER romance story, they should focus on the more awkward wallflower type people. I for one would love to read a story about a genius MC who has trouble fitting in because they don’t really know how to act around people. It could be something similar to Big Bang Theory or Sherlock. Both of these shows became successful because of people’s enjoyment in seeing how someone who is so far above the “norm” in brainpower acts in society. (yes Sherlock is also enjoyable because of the mystery aspect, but as an avid mystery novel reader, I can tell you that it is more fun to see the way Sherlock acts around people than if some random detective did it simply because Sherlock is so above everyone else!)

It doesn’t JUST have to be a genius either, in fact, I wouldn’t mind a story on a music prodigy, or a arts prodigy, just give me SOMETHING!

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the romance, but in my opinion, something about playing a “socially-awkward genius” trying to fit in seems much more interesting!

What do you guys think? Do you like the way PB is going or do you want to change it?

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• 11/5/2018

Thoughts on Desire&Decorum finale

Amazing!! Seems like I’m the only person who loves this book but what a plot twist ending I’m shook!!!

I was really enjoying the final chapter and I thought everything was wrapping up really nicely but the ending with the engagement to Duke Richards really threw me off.

My only criticism is that we didn’t see if Briar chose Mr Woods or Mr Marlaster, I was rooting for Mr M.

Can’t wait for book 2!

Thoughts on the ending?
  • Loved it!!
  • Hated it!!
  • It was ok
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• 11/5/2018

Chapter review/theories October 29th-November 2nd 2018 + Courtesan in Rome Thoughts

Across The Void: I chose not to upgrade my ship to save Zekei. I've honestly never really liked him. He has pretty much zero purpose in the story and it would be exactly the same without him.

I guess it's a little interesting that the attackers were hinted be part of some new group, but that was the only interesting thing. I decided not to forgive Zaniah. I never shipped her with Pax. She was a minor character who turned out to be lesbian/bisexual out of nowhere. And she's a criminal who needs to pay for her crimes. I guess the writers try to make us feel bad for Pax given that she's never killed anyone before, but she and Eos are so annoying it's impossible to feel sympathy for either of them.

Class Act: Again, I still think it's better than Book 3 in this series. I feel really bad for Casey. First off, if you've only been dating someone for a week, that's way too early to say a word like "Love". A good amount of adults aren't comfortable saying that word until they've been dating for a couple months. And no one should ever feel pressured or forced into saying that they love someone.

So we know that Brian is still a prick and Danielle is still antagonistic, but I honestly don't like Natalie and Clint. They were pressuring Rory into playing 7 Minutes in Heaven with them, even though they were clearly uncomfortable.

So the chapter that airs today focuses on Rory and Chapter 6 focuses on Ajay. I guess Chapter 7 will focus on Skye, because it seems like the writers want to give each love interest their time to shine. I will say my only major complaint is a plot point appears to be Homecoming. It's honestly not that big a deal if you go with someone or not. When I was in High School, people went to Homecoming by themselves and nobody cared.

It Lives Beneath: I don't trust Chief Kelley. I definitely agree with some people that he somehow seemed to be controlling Ned. I'm glad that we got to know more about Danni and her investigations into the strange events in Pine Springs. She's definitely my love interest for this story.

Regarding that weird zombie bear thing with the snake for a tail, I wasn't scared, but I felt grossed out. That's just how I view zombies in general, they're not scary, they're gross. Tom sure was acting suspicious. The two top theories I've seen are he has PTSD and doesn't want to confront the supernatural, or he's in league with the cult. And I definitely befriended the Otter.

I know some people think that Tom is going to bring back the original cast from ILITW, but I don't think it's likely. The story ended differently for everyone, and in some cases, everyone died except for the MC or Noah.

America's Most Eligible: I thought it had a pretty satisfying ending. The next one probably won't be out for a while given that the series takes place during the summer. I don't think the contestants from Season 10 will appear because the definition of All-Star is the best of the best and did well with the audience. People like Han, Lina, and Teagan never got the audience vote, which means, in universe, they weren't popular contestants.

Perfect Match: It was a good fluff chapter. I enjoyed the Endless Summer reference from Damien's scary story and the beach scene with Hayden was a definite 10/10. Regarding the President and the AI Commission, I think they might be antagonists. I'm only saying this because Harley was standing behind the president as part of her staff, which shows that Eros definitely has a role in any future decisions she makes.

So it looks like Chapters 10 and 11 focus on going to Hollywood to get the support of high-profile celebrities and go on TV to hopefully expose Eros as criminals. I only hope that the RCD characters won't show up, I've had enough of that series. No intention to play Book 3.

Big Sky Country: Short and definitely forced the male love interests, but it had a good cliffhanger. I think that AgriCorp will use shady underhanded tactics to try to force Cliff to sell the ranch.

The Elementalists: That scene with Shreya was a definite 10/10. You didn't kiss, but she stripped down to her lingerie almost instantly and it was implied she would have kissed you if they didn't have to get back to class. I honestly enjoyed the spellwork class. It tested your muscle memory and it was a fun part of the chapter. Regarding the spells, I think the basic ones will be free, but the more advanced ones will require some diamond choices. Especially because it mentioned that mastering all of them will unlock a special scene at the end of the story.

God, I hate Beckett. He has zero redeeming qualities. He's a smug, condescending, antagonizing, heckling prick. The only reason I took the blame for my fire spell getting out of control is because I thought I would get points with Professor Englund, but I was wrong. I know that he's on the cover, but that doesn't mean the little weasel is safe from being a villain. Brian is on the cover of the 1st HSS Book, and he's the series most recurring antagonist.

A Courtesan in Rome: In definitely has a better premise than Desire and Decorum. I don't really care about gender as long as the story is good. And the premise is basically you getting revenge on Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. Seriously, Caesar was a pretty bad dude.

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• 11/4/2018


Hello everyone!

After following the walkthroughs on the different pages for months, I've finally decided to make a user and be a part of the fandom community - but I can't add any comment to any of the articles? I can't even contact the admins about it.. Does anyone know why, and could possibly help? :)

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• 11/4/2018
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• 11/4/2018

Review: D&D Chapter 15 and The Senior Chapter 8

Desire and Decorum

I swear, this book is making the parlor collection look as important as the collectibles in the It Lives series. Especially with the announcement that Duke Richards has declared Felicity Holloway the "winner". Bah. They deserve each other.

I'm starting to wonder whether Duke Richards's threat towards the MC is just an empty one, because that would be a waste if that's the case. He strikes me as a more proper villain than Henrietta, who just annoys me to no end.

Unfortunately, I didn't gain enough allies at the ball except Chambers. Mainly because I didn't pick the right choices. At least I eavesdropped on Henrietta and found out a bit of details on Harry. Apparently, he really died in an accident instead of being murdered by her. Her desire to have property under her own name still doesn't excuse her attitude, though.

As for Henrietta, apparently she's so obssessed with getting Edgewater that she's willing to stoop very low. Bribing a religious figure for your own selfish purposes is extremely unbecoming. Here's hoping I can counteract her schemes.


The Senior

Nothing much besides an interview that gives me an inspiration moment. I feel like MC should gain inspiration from the pets she have. I mean, looking at their interactions could've given her some ideas. Anyway, let's see how James's play will be like.

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